What THESE Students Did in THIS Video will Restore Your Faith in HUMANITY! - RiseEarth

What THESE Students Did in THIS Video will Restore Your Faith in HUMANITY!

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These 3 German students surprise a homeless man and give him the greatest treasure anyone can ever give to you.

We are more connected than we have ever been and in the same time, we are also the loneliest than we have ever been. This paradox is brought by the mixture of technology, internet, marketing and our flaw to be distracted.

We live each day surrounded by people, always on the move, but we may as well be the only person on the planet and we would not even notice it if there is just “someone” to like our images and comment.

The REAL world between the Virtual and our Imagination is where we can actually help people. Every day has new opportunities to make this world a little more positive and only our creativity is the limit to what we can do.


Every day is a chance to transform negative into positive. Every day is a chance to spread happiness and love. Every day is a chance to help a human being. Every day is a chance to start living the life you wanted to live, to love, to kiss, to laugh, to dance, to tell whatever you kept locked inside you.

Every day is a chance to wake up into the REAL world and see it as the magnificent, wondrous, magical place it truly is.

Being awake in the REAL world is the REAL chance to help someone.

We are so much distracted from the REAL world that to people who really need our help we look like we don’t care.

Humanity is losing its essence because less and less people believe in the goodness of the human spirit. Hell, we accept the fact that we may be the worst thing that happened to earth instead of using this fact as a slap to awaken.

We are much more than we give ourselves credit for. HUMANITY IS MUCH MORE!

When we escape the prison we put ourselves in and remind the world that there is still HUMANITY left and what WE truly stands for, we are giving the greatest treasure anyone can ever give.

The coins these 3 German students collected for the homeless man are not the treasure they give him. Reminding him that people care is. This face right here, that’s the treasure!

Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded. When you give them that, no matter who you are or how small, you are their hero.

People need positivity. People need humanity. People need something to kickstart their faith.

We are each other’s heroes.

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