U.S. Marine Exposes Truth About Paris Attack - RiseEarth

U.S. Marine Exposes Truth About Paris Attack

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by Conspiracy Club

The tragic events that took place on 11/13/2015 has again changed the course of global history. A terror attack occurred, that according to some sources, could have been avoided and lives could have been spared.

In the video below, US Marine turned activist Kenneth O’Keefe explains how America, Saudi Arabia and other countries are financing and enabling the terrorist who commit these atrocities. Kenneth states: “I believe that it is beyond any doubt, for any sensible person to realize that not only is the United States providing the financial cover, military cover, political cover, for these terrorists through our proxies, but we’ve also in a pure technical sense, provided the training for these people in Jordan and Turkey, another one of our best friends has been shuttling these psychopaths across the country from Turkey into Syria for a long time now.”

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  1. So, Putin is bombing NATO when he do operations in Syria ? And is able to get away with it... Excellent !