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The Value of Dreams

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Understanding dreams can provide greater insight into our lives. They are of incredible value when it comes to shedding more light on a given situation by isolating a problem, or perhaps validating an idea. They warn us of health issues and in some instances, of impending danger. In all such cases, dreams can definitely be used as a tool to aid in our decision-making, thus adding an additional dimension to our lives.

Dreams are meaningful, complex and multilevel, and serve to further our own individual development. They reflect the past, the present and in some cases the future. Intangible, yet in some respects quite real, they exist in a timeless realm and occupy no measurable space, residing in a dimension of the mind that exists outside our physical world. Within the dream state, we traverse a dimension as solid and as real as our own three-dimensional sphere, but with an entirely different set of rules.

But rather than travel the well-worn path of espousing dreams and dream analysis I prefer to prove my point by example, for as they say, the proof is in the pudding. Below are dreams that were submitted to me for analysis and confirmed as accurate by the dreamer.

Zombies! (F 26-30)

I have zombie dreams a lot. They wake me up and seriously rattle my nerves. I just had one. In the dream I have my youngest daughter (no clue where my husband and my other two daughters are, I don't even think of them in the dream) I am with a whole bunch of people I don't think I know but they seem familiar in the dream. We are sitting around in almost a mommy and me kind of group. I feel like I am the only one that knows that there are zombies. One lady's daughter is turning into one. So I convince her to give me the baby and I put her in a stroller into what I thought was a closet but it's this huge unfinished room with junk all around and dirt floors and big chunks of concrete lying around on the floor. Everyone is still just chit chatting and not really seeming to care. I grab my baby and leave. Then suddenly I am in a truck with a guy I don't know but in the dream apparently I do. And we are in a weird garage and he is going to get out of the truck to go inside and use the rest room. But I just know that the little girl I put in the closet earlier is free and I can't let him get out of the truck but we are stuck in the garage and can't leave. I can't see the little girl but I know she is there and is a zombie. I wake up right after that. I have these types of dreams all the time. They are never exactly the same but they all seem to have the same kind of plot to them. I am usually trying to save my children and run and away with them but it's very difficult to do so.

• Your dream revolves around a “familiar” routine in a “mommy and me” setting, with no room to rest. Put the kid in the “stroller,” stick her in the “closet” so you can get to that “unfinished room.” You pick up all the “junk” and clean the “dirt” up off the floors and no one seems to care. You’re “stuck” in a situation where you “can’t leave,” or “run away.” By the end of the day you feel like the living dead, a “zombie.” Don’t worry mom, this too shall pass.

A Black Pigeon Laying 3 Black Eggs (M 35-39)

I saw in my dream a black pigeon laying 3 eggs in the nest, one-by-one. As it lay, I expected the eggs to be white and then I thought they would be brown because that is what I see in the stores. However, I then noticed they are black, I said but of course I should have expected black eggs because it is coming from a black pigeon. Overall, it felt like a pleasant dream. Can you tell me what it signifies?

• Eggs symbolize plans or ideas. White is what you are expecting, however you'll settle for brown. But one by one they come out black. Black means they will never hatch. Ultimately, you realize that's what you should have expected, coming from this “bird.”

An Exorcism Was Happening In My House: (F 22-24)

It was really scary! I remember taking my bicycle and cycling so fast I did not stop to talk to anyone! And it felt like this has happened before. I saw this grassy valley but right in front of me there was chopped up meat or chicken… something like that. I went home and everybody was in the altar room and there was loud thud on the door! I freaked out and woke up! I am vegetarian and I have never been involved in the supernatural, I believe in God!

• Who do you think was talking to you? This is a health dream. The bicycle represents "dietary balance,” the grassy valley is your vegetarian diet. Your dream is placing “meat” right in front of you to show you that you need protein and/or other nutrients meat provides. The altar room means you are sacrificing something in your diet and the loud thud on the door was literally trying to get you to “wake up.” Most vegetarian dreams suggest liver and sometimes rice as a supplement. Or, you may choose to add supplements instead, in which case you may want to see a dietician.

Makes No Sense (F 18-21)

There was a big dirt trail next to a marsh with a big bush with bright pink flowers. A woman wearing jean shorts comes up holding what looks like some kind of white fluffy animal, she walks through the marsh, puts the animal down, then she walks back, gets into some kind of old, dirty car with friends and they drive off down the trail.

• It makes perfect sense. The dirt (dirty) trail is a path you are taking. The woman wearing jean shorts is you. Pink flowers represent how you bloomed as a young girl. The fluffy white animal represents your childhood innocence that you left behind as you walk through the dirt. Resuming the direction you have chosen, you drive further down the path with your friends. The old, dirty car is what you are riding in—I would reflect deeply on this dream if I were you.

FIRE (F 36-40)

I’m on a bus and driving past a building (that I’ve dreamt of before) and in the garden of this building was a small block of flats on fire. There were two people hanging out of the window with huge heads. I got off the bus and asked a girl to phone the fire brigade, she didn’t know the number. I rang them and the girl then held my hand and took me to a cafe. On the way, she gave me a pencil to protect myself as the area we were in was a bit dodgy.

• This is a health dream. The bus is a direction that you're taking. The building is what you've built for yourself (you’ve experienced this before) and the garden is what you have sown. The two people are both you, meaning this is the second time you've done this. How large does your head have to be before you get it? The girl is you, leading you to where the fire originated. It took place in a café and concerns something you ate or drank. She gives you a pencil so you can take note. This "dodgy" area is not a place for you to be. The fire is either inflammation or heartburn.

Chased By a Naked Man Who Wants To Rape Me (M 65-70)

I have this dream quite often; I am, for some reason, walking alone in a park, when a man grabs me from behind. I fight him off, and run away, but he chases after me and shouts, “Come back, I love you,” but I can’t recognize the face, as it is always blurry. When I reach the park gates he disappears behind some bushes. I am a happily married man, 67 years old.

• This naked man is you or should I say your libido. He’s in a park because that’s where you “parked” your sex drive. He wants to get back together with you. I suggest you let him catch up to you, as he will make your wife a very happy lady. The words “I love you” are not without significance. How long has it been since you uttered them to her?

Werewolf Attack (F 22-25)

I dreamed I was in a dark room; the only light that was visible was the moon light through a small window. Out of nowhere a werewolf runs in, I froze thinking he'd attack me. I saw his claw moving towards me but instead of hurting me, he pushed me aside and I fell to the ground. I saw the werewolf attacking people around me and turning them to nothing but a puddle of blood on the floor. The werewolf then came closer to me again, his mouth was right at my face, but he just stood there... that's when I woke up. Can you tell me what it means? I'd really like to know.

• Commonly, a werewolf is a normal everyday person who bears a curse that causes the individual to change into a beast under the full moon. So, now we have an unpleasant transformation that occurs during a full moon. The full moon is a lunar (monthly) cycle that takes place approximately every 28 days. I know this is not true in all cases, but I have personally witnessed sweet, docile females transform into raging beasts (PMS) just prior to their cycle. In all fairness, the beast can also symbolize having a difficult period (a “beast” of a time) or simply heralding the coming of the “curse,” as some women call it. It is what’s facing you. The puddle of blood is a revealing symbol.

About the Author:

George DeLong is the author of Awakening to Your Dreams & What Your Dreams Can Tell You: A collection of 350 Interpreted Dreams.
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