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5 Steps To Forgiving Yourself And Beginning The Healing Process

by The Spirit Science

When it comes to admitting to yourself that maybe you weren’t so great of a person to someone in particular, forgiving yourself can be somewhat of a long process. The guilt and negativity associated with that person or incident that happened doesn’t define who you are today or will be in the future. Forgiving yourself means that you are ready to move on from those terrible feelings, knowing full well that you cannot change the past and living with that fact.

Submitting yourself to self-destruction is the opposite of what you should when forgiving yourself. Taking a deep breath and realizing that what’s done is done will set you free beyond words.

Here are five methods that can help you forgive yourself and let you begin your healing process.

Loving Yourself

One of the best methods to forgiving yourself is learning how to love yourself regardless of what may have happened.

Admit to yourself that you were in the wrong, but must now move forward to bigger and better things in your life.Spending time self loathing and worrying over single thought will get you nowhere.

Be happy for the things that turned out the way they should have and aim for strides that will carry you to a better future.

Know Your Regrets

Trying to understand your regrets is a vital part of the healing process. Think of the reasons as to why you did what you did and realize that you should never make those kinds of mistakes again. Especially if they are going to hurt you or any of your loved ones ever again.

Accept Change And The Things That Won’t Change

Find the change that you cannot start on today to better yourself or maybe even remedy the situation.

In addition find the things that won’t change because of the situation.

This is important for you to understand what is and what isn’t going to be reality.


Just by giving an apology to someone that you hurt, even though full well knowing that saying sorry won’t change the matter of fact, but it will give you a sense of resolve between you and the other person. Even if it means you still can’t be friends or loved ones, saying sorry can mean a world of difference compared to not ever saying sorry.

Time To Move On

Reconcile with yourself, everyone, and everything. You must go on in the world despite whatever may happen.

You must be able to move on and start anew with yourself and begin to heal the wounds that have been lingering ever since your feelings of guilt and despair. A brand new day awaits you every morning, make the best of everything that you can in order to be happy.

Hopefully these methods aid you in your journey of forgiveness.

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