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3 Reasons Why You Should STOP Throwing Away The Pickle Juice

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The pickles go great with sandwiches and enhance the taste of many salads. Expand your horizons and include the pickle juice in your kitchen. Instead of spilling into the drain, pour the pickle juice in your favorite meal or cocktail.


The liquid of pickles is rich in electrolytes so you can freely drink it without any other supplements. In this way you will regain the strength and some valuable elements that you lost through sweating from the hard workout.


This pickle juice can be used as “sweet vinegar” that can spice up various green salads, potato salads and hard-boiled eggs. You can add the pickle juice in yogurt and make salad dressing or use for marinating the meat.

Pour some pickle juice on little pieces of onion. That will soften the onions and will reduce their sharp taste. Now you can prepare it as a supplement to vegetable salads.


The pickle juice can be used in making unusual cocktails!. You can add it in a martini as substitute for olive oil that is usually added into the “Dirty Martini” or you can “cut” the whiskey, which is the latest trend among the hipsters. Also, the pickle juice can be a great cure for hangover.

Source: healthylifebase
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