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What is a Lightworker?

by Glenn Stewart Coles
Shifting Vibration

A Lightworker is a person (not a mythical entity) who CHOOSES to make the world a better place by raising vibration of self and others.

Beginning this path with focus on yourself may involve CHOOSING to alter certain belief systems (love is better than hate; all souls are equal) and focusing on healing of self through many different means. Both thoughts and activity affect your vibration; Lightworkers raise their awareness of each and make appropriate alterations.

Raising vibration also involves awareness of conscious evolution; a CHOICE to learn and advance yourself beyond previous restrictions. Our choices of focus directly affect our learning; our awareness of the moment shifts our way of being. By raising personal vibration we change ourselves, our experiences and the world around us.

The path of lightwork also involves accepting responsibility for your experiences, perceptions and feelings. You are in charge of you. External influences are simply stimulus for how you react and grow. Shape your world with positive intentions.

As we grow, we learn about our personal vibration and how to alter it. Study of healing practices is common among many of us; most healers begin by healing themselves. There are also many among us developing special skills; psychic abilities, empathic abilities, creative abilities. By gaining confidence that our evolutionary growth is exciting and available, we each accelerate our contribution.

Lighwork is not religion; instead it is a choice to lead the spiritual lifestyle that so many religions speak about. To love one another without judgment; to choose to help others in their growth; and to exist with love resonating from your soul. From there, you are welcome to enjoy whatever faith raises your vibration while recognizing that others are welcome to their own faith.

Once we take our lightwork beyond ourselves and into the world, we share our vibration with others. This can occur through active intent or passive influence. As we initiate our understanding of our creative power, we begin to manifest a world that leads towards a higher vision. We see a world where everyone thrives, where everyone is loved, and where everyone does their best to improve our combined situation.

We are Lightworkers by choice. Start within then spread the news. The world can be changed and it begins with you.

About the Author:

Glenn plays many roles in life, including author, healer, lightworker, coach, reiki teacher, writer and shamanic drummer. His book Soulwork 101: A New Age Guide to Personal Transformation is a workbook that introduces concepts and initiates personal change. He also manages the facebook group 'Lightworkers of the World'.

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  1. just another point of view.

    There are those who believe they could chose to become lightworkers and that they could also resign from it .

    This is a fallacy.

    This is how I understand this subject... All of us start from birth and grow up as human-ego personalities. This is who we think we are, as flesh and blood. Although we adopt religious beliefs, the ego-personality does not understand an iota about spirit nor spirituality. IEgo-Personality is a program devoid of spiritual trappings..

    The Lightworker is NOT the human ego- personality. The real lightworker is the Spirit that created the human body, and crawled /or/ walked-in into it. The human ego-personality has no idea what Spirit is, much less about light-working.. The Lightworker-Spirit came into this dimension because it has a job to accomplish. This job assignment is always done in the service of Spirit. This s very different from that which is called STS (Service to Self) or STO (service to others).

    So, not anyone who wants to become a lightworker and behaves like one....IS a lightworker. It is said that these Spirit Beings doing these lightworking are in the highest reality, the same creator-Gods that conceived and created this Universe, and that they are here now because they are ending this Virtual Game of Limitation and Separation. We might , in other terms, call them Elohims and Archangels.

    The usual lightworker jobs that I know of are the Pathcutters and the Earthkeepers, A pathcutter is a Spirit in human form who is equipped with almost microsurgical know how in dismantling dysfuctions, and turning them to light...right inside the DNA They know how to work with light,They bring in new light-based healing, new light based governance, new light based economics, etc. . An earthkeeper is Spirit in human form whose specialty is to take care of Earth-Mother's dire needs. This includes honoring and blessing all animals, the rivers, mountains, the Earth itself, and opening up energy vortices , straightening up leylines, , activating crystals, activating stargates,etc.The earthkeeper physically prepares EarthMother for her ascension.

    Obviously, the Lightworker -Spirit will have to deprogram the ego-personality in order to be able to do its job well.
    This is where the ego-personality gets peeled off from the physical consciousness either gradually or ,abruptly. Recognize the "dark night of the Soul...?"

    The ego-personality does not have a say in "being a lightworker", but will follow the directions of Lightworker-Spirit, without even aware of it.. Usually, L-Spirit will dangle something in front of the E-personality and says "Isn't this fun..? and the ego-personality " gets to follow Spirit without rhyme nor reason .It does not matter. Spirit gets to do its job one way or another.

    This transition goes on until such time that the Lightworker-Spirit has completely transmuted the ego-personality, and that L-Spirit becomes the governing consciousness of the physical form. The physical form then becomes the avatar of Lightworker-Spirit.

    During Ascension, the physical-mental-spirit bodies, are transmuted into a Merkaba structure, described as the ascension vehicle, or the firewheels within wheels"....by Lightworker-Spirit.

    It appears that what we consider to be who we are, as ego-personalities, are nothing but illusory identities that when the designated time comes,crumble into dust. and that our physical-mental-emotional-spirit body as a whole is nothing but the tool of Spirit that gets transmuted into a fiery Merkaba , during Ascension.

    In this model, it looks like there is no such entity as "ASCENDED MASTER" . Somebody cooked it up.

    and lastly, it is the ego -personality that says " I am no longer a lightworker". Like it could resign from a job it does not understand and has nothing to do with.

    By the way, when it is all said and done, we don't have spirit.
    We are Spirit.

    Thanks, RE.