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Pyramid-shaped UFO ‘Mothership’ Appears Over Sao Paulo, Brazil

A bronze pyramid UFO has appeared over Sao Paolo in Brazil – prompting fears that the aliens from semi-popular sci fi series ‘Stargate’ are invading Earth.

But before you head to your doomsday shelters, we should point out that the terrifying alien craft actually appeared on June, 14 this year, according to UFO Sightings Daily.

If the aliens ARE invading, they’re playing a long game.

We should also point out that the UFO was captured using a Nikon P600 zoomed to 60 times, so there is a small, but significant, chance the UFO is the size of a pigeon.

Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily says that the sighting – from YouTube – is nothing new, as gigantic space pyramids quite regularly visit our planet.

Waring says, ‘This shape of UFO has been recorded before in the past. For example, in Oct 5, 1996 a pilot over Pelotas, Brazil recorded a similar bronze pyramid shape in the sky and even flew around it as some smaller UFOs came out its top.’

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