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Learn How to control your Stress and Lose Weight Naturally with these 6 Pressure Points

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There are many programs that require self-massages on certain areas which help in proper digestion. The stimulation of these spots is decreasing the cravings and increasing the body awareness.

First of all you need to make a gently massage to the area in order to increase the blood flow to the certain area and losses the muscles which are over-stressed.

1. Knee point

2 inches beneath the kneecap on the external side of the leg is located the knee point. Try to begin with a light massage on the area and then press the particular spot for two minutes.

The stimulation of this spot is nourishing the blood and is improving digestion.

2. Ankle point

This point is placed 2 inches above ankle, on the external side of the leg. You will improve the digestive system function and help the body to metabolize the food by activating this spot.

Stimulate this point regularly, with a 1 minute pressure with your thumb on the knuckle.

3. Abdomen Point

This point is placed 1 inch or 2 fingers underneath the belly button. This spot is focusing on the digestive system, improves its functioning and is strengthening the immunity.

4.  Elbow point

This point is located inside the elbow and the side that is close to the ribs. By stimulating this spot you are stimulating the intestinal functions and helps the body to eliminate unwanted moisture.

5. Ear point

Simply put the finger against your jaw and move it around. Once you find the point, calm the jaw and again press it for one more minute. This stimulation is reducing the stress associated with the back and the neck pain and controls the appetite.

6. Abdominal Sorrow Point

Under the last rib on both sides is located this point. It helps in balancing the appetite and relieve the rib pain or ulcers and indigestion.

You should curve the fingers under the rib and in-line with your earlobes to stimulate the spot. Massage this area gently for 5 minutes. In order to reduce stress and control the weight, do this regularly.

Source: healthadvisorgroup
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