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Can Anyone Be Psychic?

by Michelle Cohen

Depending on the generation, people used to secretly wish they were more like Bewitched’s Samantha instead of Darren. Younger ones hoped they were a Harry Potter and not a Muggle. Is it possible that anyone can be magical? Do psychic abilities have an on and off button? From my own personal experience as a mentor for people discovering their inner guidance, the answer is – absolutely. Most people just haven’t discovered their psychic switch yet.

Discovering Your Psychic Switch

Some people come in with their switch already activated, so there is never a search. In fact, those types are usually looking for a dimmer, so that they can have a bit more control over how sensitive they are in each situation. For everyone else, there is an initial exploration into their inner plane that is needed in order to awaken the sleeping beauty within.

Many sadly think that no matter what, they just can’t do anything supernatural. Not true! Of course, they can! They just need essential tools for uncovering and then amplifying their natural psychic gifts. And yes, EVERYBODY has some version of them.

Confirming Your Psychic Abilities

The trick is that everyone has different psychic abilities. Saying one is psychic is like saying one is a doctor. What type are you? A podiatrist? A heart surgeon? A dentist? There are all kinds of distinctions between being a medium, an empath, or a remote viewer or whatever combination of talents an individual can have.

Furthermore, most people have a very limited understanding of the varying type of skills one could demonstrate. Many say “I want to be able to see something” and then pay good money to learn how to be clairvoyant. Problem is they don’t have the gift of visual. Instead, they have the gift of sound. Therefore, they MAY develop their clairvoyant abilities, but it will probably be slow and not as exciting as it would be if they concentrated on being clairaudient.

So, how do you get started and find that psychic switch?

It all begins with the senses. Discovering first and foremost, which of the five senses are an individual’s dominant ones, is a major gateway into their psychic abilities.

Do You Know Your “Sense Forte?”

Which is your sense forte? Some people are highly visual, while others are more auditory or kinesthetic. Basically, you want to ascertain how you normally take in the material world and this usually indicates how you best receive extrasensory communication. Also, keep in mind that you could have more than one dominant sense.

Spending time each day concentrating specifically on one particular sense will automatically trigger deeper inner knowing and widen the scope of insight. In learning to discern which ones are your most organic skills, from there, it is easier to learn how to use them for your personal evolution.

Having undertaken the adventure of heightening your awareness through seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and/or touching, you start to trust your own instincts, awareness, and inner voice using this sense forte. Then, you can begin exploring your specific natural abilities with what is the real secret to dependable inner guidance: basic intuition skill sets.

Know Your Psychic Indicators

These can range from external indicators like using a pendulum or listening for a message in the next song that comes on the radio, to internal indicators like muscle testing or imagining a red or green traffic light that gives you the go ahead. Once honed, these methods allow you to align with your own internal navigational system. It proves so effective that you can get immediate yes or no responses to any well-asked question. This gives the clarity and freedom needed to make major or minor decisions in your life.

Consequently, when you have developed a strong foundation of yes or no, feels good/doesn’t feel good discernment, then you are able to assess for yourself which are your top skills to help accelerate your psychic awareness.

At some point in everyone’s life, they have faced their demons, they have faced their angels, they have faced their joy and they have faced their disappointment. What many have never faced is their own inner guidance system that was put in place from the moment they were born to assist them in their journey through all of it. Most people don’t even know it is there. And yet, it is yours for the choosing and the having. It is your birthright. Accessing your intuition is the gateway into your inner space, your soul, and the pathway to your greatest conceivable life. For those individuals who are brave enough to flip that psychic switch, it is the most exciting and important indulgence they can ever undertake.

About the Author:
Michelle Cohen and her projects have been featured on CNN, GMA, MTV, NPR, and in People Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and the Washington Post. She has given thousands of private intuitive guidance sessions, exponentially changing the way her clients perceive themselves in positive and permanent ways. Her online program, The Intuition Tool Kit, is available at

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