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10 Honey Recipes to Use in Your Home Remedies

by Jesse Herman
The Spirit Science

Once upon a time, honey was known as the nectar of the gods. In fact, the sweet, syrupy substance has been a part of the human diet for many millennia. From history books to clinical studies and beyond, honey’s benefits have been recognized by many experts, both present and past.

Honey has many antifungal and antibacterial properties; the sugar content in it makes it very hard for bacteria to stay hydrated. Honey also speeds up the development of body tissue, helping with the construction of blood vessels and various cells.

So yeah, honey is important. Have a look at the following home remedies that will help you implement honey into your lifestyle.

1. Honey citrus syrup

This can be made by mixing honey, herbs, spices and various citrus fruits in a bottle. Honey citrus syrup will work wonders for soothing a sore throat.

The spices contained therein will help with swelling of the throat and the honey, in all its antibacterial glory, will get rid of any bacteria in the area.

2. Lemon + honey

Mixing lemon and honey can help relieve many cold and fever symptoms. An easy way that I do this all the time is through mixing a spoon of honey into a glass of lemon water.

3. Cinnamon + honey

Cinnamon and honey are a great combination for your overall health.

This combination, which can be created by placing a few sticks of cinnamon in a jar of honey, is very effective in fighting hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

4. Ginger + honey

Another one of my personal favourites. Ginger and honey is a fantastic mixture for reducing inflammation.

Ginger is also fantastic for reducing nausea and upset stomach, which makes this a great mixture to use when you’ve got something like the flu that can leave your throat feeling sore and your head reeling.

5. Cloves + honey

Cloves and honey is a great combination to use due to the anesthetic chemical found in cloves called eugenol. Eugenol adds to the antiseptic punch of honey to help destroy germs.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar + honey

Apple cider vinegar and honey can work wonders when it comes to relieving acid reflux.

Apple cider vinegar is known to help when it comes to digestion and mineral absorption. Taking this mixture every day will work wonders for you.

7. Honey moisturizer

Have problems keeping your skin healthy and moisturized? A mixture of honey, milk and citrus might be just what you need. Milk contains vitamin A, crucial for maintaining healthy skin. Read more about putting this particular recipe together here.

8. Brown sugar + honey

This mixture is great for removing dry skin thanks to the texture of brown sugar. Add honey to the mix and you’ll have yourself a powerful moisturizer to go with that. Use as a scrub.

9. Yogurt + honey

Yogurt and honey work great as a face mask for getting rid of acne and restoring your skin’s pH balance.

Yogurt brings plenty of probiotics to the mix, which can help with inflammation. Honey brings an added boost of anti-inflammatory properties that can help with acne.

10. Coconut water + honey

These two together will make quite a tasty sweet drink that can help with areas from dehydration (which is a cause of sore muscles) to boosting your energy.

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