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What is Coming at the End of This September?

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by Jocelyn Daher

A lot of people lately have been talking about vivid prophecies coming this September. Everything from the return of Christ, perhaps to be preceded by the Anti-Christ. There has been talk of economic collapse, waves of energy from all dimensions sweeping across the planet at once, causing some change. The dates range from the 23rd to the 28th for something to happen.

This change might be subtle, gradual and not noticeable, or it might be something that shifts our entire way of being forever. When our planet collectively focuses on an event, the effects we feel are amplified greatly, so is this something being projected from us or something much larger than we even understand?

Here is a video that I put together to explain it in a digestible and fun way! Check it out if you'd like a summary of the article!

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The most significant thing that is happening this month is that CERN, you know, the guys with the giant particle accelerator, are turning on their latest science project.

For those who don't know, CERN is a European organization for nuclear research which was created in 1954 on the Feast of Trumpets by 12 countries. Within CERN there is the largest Hadron collider in the world, located roughly 50 to 175 meters beneath the surface of the Earth.

In this particle accelerator they oscillate particles around a 17 kilometer track using giant magnets stronger than the electromagnetics of our Earth, inevitably smashing them together.

So... Why are they doing this?

Well, when they built their first accelerator they were trying to find the “God Particle” a particle that could hint at what happened at the beginning of time, space continuum. In 2013 they succeeded in finding this particle they called the Higgs Boson, and have also found a remarkable thing by complete accident... They created a rainbow universe.

So, not only have they been seeking answers to the mystery of the the beginning of creation, but they have also been asking "what is dark matter?"

From what we know about the Cosmos so far, there are 3 distinct "layers" what we can actually identify. There is matter: the physical substance. That which occupies space and possesses rest mass. In short, most things we can see, and a few that we can't.

Anti-matter is the second, consisting of elementary particles which are the antiparticles of what makes up normal matter, we cannot see it, however it is detectable.

Then there is dark matter (which at this point is just thrown together as a theory by physicists because they don't know what it is exactly in some cosmological theories), non-luminous material which is postulated to exist in space and which could take one of two forms: weakly interacting particles (cold dark matter) or high-energy randomly moving particles created soon after the Big Bang ( hot dark matter ).

In short, it's the material that makes up black holes and the endless void of space. Doesn't sound much like an actual comprehendible "material", does it? It feels more like the makeup of Thought.

Theoretically, a black hole the size of a pin-point would vacuum the entire Earth within it. Sounds like an awesome idea for CERN to be playing with right? Maybe only a little worry-some!

Steven Hawking also has made some interesting discussion on this matter too. In the preface to a new collection of essays and lectures called"Starmus," the famous theoretical physicist is warning that the particle (The Higgs Boson/God Particle) could one day be responsible for the destruction of the known universe. (1)

Speaking of destruction, did you know that CERN's "mascot" is none other than Shiva, the God of Destruction and Transformation? Here is a photo of the statue outside of their headquarters.

Everything that you've seen so far paints the picture that, hey, at the very least, at the end of September we may just gather some new data about the universe and dark matter and wormholes.

One of our favorite physicists - Nassim Haramein actually demonstrated that black holes can take us to other dimensions or realities many, many years ago before it was conventional wisdom as it is today. And today, even Steven Hawking agrees, despite his warnings about the destruction of everything. (2)

The Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN, Sergio Bertolucci said according to The Register, "Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it." Further, a top boffin at the Large Hadron Collider says that the titanic machine may possibly create or discover previously unimagined scientific phenomena, or "unknown unknowns" - for instance "an extra dimension". (3)

To read more about CERN and the Hadron collider check out this article by RT.

The other side starts within the Mayan Calendar, and the true story within it...

The Mayan prophecies never told of an 'end of the world type' of situation, but more of a transcendence of our sun’s activity, where from 2012 on, it would shift from the fifth solar cycle to the sixth sun and cycle.

These are the words from a Mayan Grand Elder, “2012 is not the end of the world, nor did we ever predict that it would end: not now, not at the end of our Long Count calendar, not on December 21, 2012.”

Instead, the Maya believe that it heralds the Shift of the Ages, an era of expanded consciousness.” 2011, Wandering Wolf, also known as Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, Mayan Grand Elder, leader of National Council of Elders Mayas, Xinca and Garifuna. (6)

The ancients knew of these changes like the Inuits of the Arctic region of Canada who say the Earth has shifted and will soon see great change. The great prophecies of the Lakota tribe in America, saying the white buffalo has started to appear since 1995, a symbol of great change for humanity.

And indeed the Earth has been showing gradual and constant shifts, showing great changes in it's frequencies through a measuring system called Schumann’s Resonance, specifically in the last couple of years and recent months. (7) So what do all these predictions mean for humanity?

Scientist Nassim Haramein has a theory that the Mayan’s prediction can be aligned with modern science. He says the Mayan's predictions are based on our position in the galactic disc known as the Milky Way Galaxy.

Nassim talks about how we cross an equator in our Milky Way at the end and beginning of this cycle. We complete a circle on the outer arm of this spinning disc, every thirty to sixty million years.

Nassim goes on to explain how this center-point emits an immense amount of gamma and radioactive waves. When our sun crosses this horizon, it ramps up it's activity and potency. If you would like to know more about Nassim’s theory, check out this video.

If our sun was going to be experiencing shifts in it's frequency, what would that mean for the Earth?

I soon found another opinion by Dr. Simon Atkins “a climate economist, disaster risk forecaster, doctor of bioelectromagnetics and natural health” (8) He has been studying the safest places to live on the planet and the locations least affected by natural disaster through the Earth electromagnetic field. He also studies the shifts in solar and cosmic energies within our galaxy.

Dr. Atkins says he is predicting that at the end of September, a wave of amplified galactic energy from our sun has the potential to shift human consciousness and DNA on the planet. Sound familiar at this point?

He says that people have been predicting Nibiru being a physical object because we are physical beings; we most often gravitate towards shifts happening in the physical. According to him, what is more likely to happen, is a wave hitting the Earth, that will be seemingly undetectable to the visible spectrum.

Dr. Atkin's hypothesis becomes more realistic, when you look at modern laboratories today. There are two main ways to splice DNA. One way is by using enzymes to segment and mutate DNA but the most common form is called allele frequency. (9) Allele frequency uses specific tones or frequencies to splice and segment DNA sections, to isolate them.

Could this be what Dr. Atkins is pointing towards? That this universal shift in frequency could shift physical reality to slowly catalyse new evolution?

If so, we could always take this question a step further: what if the missing link in evolution is in the unseen realm of cosmic shifts of frequency? Could evolution possibly arise from cosmic and gamma waves augmenting our DNA over time?

If our thoughts and emotions can shift our health and wellness of our physical body, imagine what a shift in cosmic frequency has the potential to do. Scientists are now in the process of forming this hypothesis but nothing conclusive has been identified at this point in time.

So what do you think is going to happen? When the world collectively focuses on an event, our energy amplifies any effects we might feel. It's like a global placebo effect that is very real, but we are generating a lot of the sensations we might experience.

Much like mercury retrograde or Friday the 13th, our collective focus on it is what creates it. If this event wasn't as talked about; many of us wouldn't feel anything at all. If something physical, tangible, crazy or out of this world happens - well, it's about time.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, my name is Jocelyn Daher and I am a team member and writer for Earth, we are one. I am intimately connected to the our Mother Earth through my ancestry, Cherokee Indian and want to help remind you of your indigenous roots since each person no matter their skin color or background used to be connected to ancient rights of passages and tribes that connected them to the universal knowing. You are connected to all you can see and are an integral part of the web of life. I see you as an extension of my family. My passion is reminding you how to love, in hopes to ignite the memory that you are in fact a walking embodiment of universal perfection! Did you resonate with this article? If so check out my website at www.jocelyndaher.com

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