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Learn How To Soothe Cold And Flu By Massaging Your Fingers

In this article we will present an ancient acupressure, which will help to prevent stress, numerous upsets, flu and colds.

Unlike acupuncture, where the needle just aim at a certain point, acupressure massage affects the entire surface, which has stimulating effects on the whole body.

The best thing is you can do it yourself.

First you need to fully relax. Before you start the self-massage, make sure you are sitting comfortable in your chair. Do not cross your legs. Breathe evenly.

Heat your hands by rubbing them from one another, for about a minute. This will energize them and they will become sensitive to external stimuli.

Hold one of your hands with the other and place them on your thighs. Start stimulating the desired point.

If you experience pain during the massage, slowly and deeply inhale and exhale.

What area of your fingers should be massaged?

1. Cold

If you have a cold, massage the first part of the top of the thumb in order to stimulate the nose and pharynx.

This type of massage relieves problems with breathing, swallowing, cough and congestion.

2. Throat pain

Stimulate the lower part of your thumb in order to soothe throat inflammation, difficulty swallowing, hoarseness and other difficulties.

3. Sinus pains and sinusitis

The points corresponding to the sine channels are found on the tips of all four fingers except the thumb. Massage them as close to the top of the nail as possible.

This massage relieves pain in the sinuses, dizziness, pressure in the head, stuffy nose and wheezing. It will also stimulate the secretion of mucus.

4. Flu

Apply pressure to the joints of all the fingers. This will ease the pain in the muscles of the whole body and will relax you.

For additional effect, gently massage the skin between the toes. This way you will be able to encourage better function of lymph.

You will stimulate elimination of excess fluid and harmful materials from organism.

How you help the body with acupressure?

Acupressure affects your body:

– Preventive: By regularly applying pressure onto the main acupuncture points you maintain health and prevent the development of disease.

– Therapeutic: With regular stimulation you can restore lost health.

– Diagnostic: Great discomfort or pain at the pressure point may signal another problem related to the functioning of a certain organ.

Removal of tension is the first great effect of acupressure, because the pressure on certain points directly affects the establishment of body balance.

Also, the general state of the organism can be rapidly improved because this massages’ movements encourage better circulation and a good flow of oxygen in the blood.

This way creation of lymph is stimulated, which regulates the discharge of harmful substances from the body and affects the creation of the necessary cells of the immune system.

So, make this simple method your everyday habit throughout your life and your body will be grateful!

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