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10 Aspects People Are Awakening Themselves To

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by Expanded Consciousness

As the world progresses in day to day life, so do the people who live on it. We are constantly worried, sad, happy, and every other emotion that can either drain us or fill us with the most positive energy in the universe. People are awakening themselves to the energies and love that’s around them. You may not realize that you’re already in the process, so here’s 10 aspects you can find in your own awakening as well as others.

Acceptance Of Yourself
We all have our imperfections, but see the beauty of those imperfections. Because in reality, those imperfections make you exactly who you are and what you’re capable of. Potential is limitless in everyone, and know that we do our very best in anyway we can.

Trusting Your Instincts
People are becoming more confident in themselves and thrive on the opportunity to go with the flow of our instincts. Those random light-bulb moments that occur when you already knew something that you thought you didn’t actually know. Trusting our instincts will carry us far in life.

Social Media Becomes Disgusting
We are slowly realizing that the news, social media, and a variety of other platforms only have the negative things to say about our world. Instead, we’d rather go for a hike or spend some time in nature to meditate and look inside ourselves to find happiness in the world around us.

No More Materialists
The same can be said for our connection to our belongings. The actual value of expensive shoes, clothes, devices, and what have you are all replaceable. To forge a bond with inanimate items that bring swift joy soon become out-dated and no longer have the same value. Now’s the time we embrace the animate people and creatures around us.

It Hurts To Lie
Lying can actually pain you. You feel a knot within your heart because of whatever lies there may be. Then having closure with those lies brings extreme peace within yourself. No longer tied to a fabricated piece of information that was designed to harm or benefit you in some cruel way. Cruel intentions alone hurt your mentality and doesn’t allow you to think with the truth.

Your Empathy Intensifies
You start to feel more than you usually do and can even be effected by ones sickness, mood, or overall mentality. Your empathy has intensified so that you can feel what the world is feeling. Every source of emotion and energy, you commune with everything. Your love is endless, essentially.

The Need For Solitude
We require silence and meditation so that we can focus on what’s important. Always wanting to let go as our minds slowly drift into the endless sea of thought.

Thinking Of All The Possibilities
As you make your way through day to day life, you notice all the possible outcomes before anyone else does. It’s a pretty fun way of thinking outside of the box as well as gaining new perspectives everyday.

Committing Random Acts Of Kindness
Where there’s someone in need, you are there. We are constantly aware of the fact that happiness is contagious, so why not spread the joy for everyone to be apart of.

Disgust For Rudeness
If there’s someone or a group of people being undoubtedly rude, you find them repulsive. The negativity and dark energy that comes from those kinds of people only deserve others just like them. To give them a single minute is like enduring a single minute of agonizing distribution of words that don’t mean anything. To you, rudeness isn’t a mandatory emotion and prefer the brighter side of people.
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