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Scientific Proof of Reincarnation Consciousness is Eternal

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By LJ Vanier

Reincarnation, in one form or another, is a cornerstone of several religions around the world. However, scientific-minded people have denied it completely. To them, the notion of a second life is too ludicrous.

However, several peer-reviewed studies published in fringe science journals, like The Journal of Scientific Exploration, have talked about the plausibility of the soul passing from a deceased body to a living one – reincarnation in simpler terms. From inexplicable memories to recurrent birthmarks, here is some scientific evidence put forward in these studies to give plausibility to the concept of the cycle of life.

Repeating Birth Marks

People in several Buddhist-dominated countries in Asia, like Cambodia and Myanmar, have a firm belief in reincarnation. Partly, because their religion explicitly states so. So, family members often mark their dead with a soot mark on a certain area so that their reincarnated form is born within the same family.

Many such instances were recorded in Myanmar by two researchers, Jim Tucker and Jurgen Keil. Both renowned professors. In one case, a boy, Z, was born with a birthmark on the same place where his grandfather’s body was marked. It is pertinent to note that there was a gap of 11 months between the birth of Z and the death of his grandfather. Furthermore, at around two years of age, Z started to call his grandmother by her full name. An instance that didn’t go unnoticed because no other child in the family used to do it. It further made the relatives think that Z indeed was a reincarnation of his grandfather.

Regression Episodes

Brian Weiss, a prominent psychiatrist associated with Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Miami was once treating a nurse who worked at the same hospital. During one of their sessions, the nurse reproduced a past-life event in excruciating detail. Weiss, a classically trained psychiatrist, was dumbfounded when the nurse assumed the role of a Native American woman hiding from a hunting party. She talked about how her baby, who had a crescent-shaped birthmark beneath his right shoulder, was having a hard time keeping quiet. When the baby spontaneously cried out, the mother unintentionally smothered the child in an effort to keep the hunting part from discovering them.

Several months after the regression episode, the nurse started to get attracted to a patient admitted for recurrent asthma attacks. The patient seemed infatuated with the nurse as well. So, it came as a surprise to her when she noticed a familiar, crescent-shaped birthmark beneath the patient’s right shoulder!

Dr. Weiss has since become a leading reincarnation researcher and maintains that asthma attacks are associated with people who have memories of being suffocated in a past life.


Psychiatry professor Ian Stevenson, researched the phenomenon of xenoglossy in several individuals. In it, an individual seems to know a real language that they have had little or no exposure to.

In one study, the professor investigated the case of Philadelphia-based woman, named E. During several hypnosis sessions, E assumed the role of a Swedish peasant by the name of Jensen Jacoby. Despite having no prior experience with Swedish, she seemed to answer questions posed by the investigators in fluent Swedish with an impeccable accent. However, the vocabulary was noted to be limited to only around 100 words by the investigators.

So, in essence, it can be deemed that reincarnation has a lot of scientific evidence but no associated empirical data. Hence, it cannot be accepted into mainstream science. However, this doesn’t mean that reincarnation doesn’t exist. It may well do so with the work of several researchers around the world alluding to its existence. This existence is thought to be there due to the potential presence of a soul cognizant of memories from an earlier life. That may very well be so, since the soul is one thing that is still quite obfuscated under the drapes of mystery
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  1. Obviously you need to look up the word "scientific," if you think that these anecdotes prove anything.