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Diseases Caused By Touching: You Should Not Touch These 7 Body Parts With Your Bare Hands!

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The danger from diseases increases if we wear jewelry or if we have longer nails, i.e. these are well known places where dirt piles up. Therefore you should be careful when you touch these body parts. Researches show that hands are the biggest transmitters of bacteria that cause diseases.

These are some of the body parts that we should avoid touching:

1. Face

Touching your face with bare hands should be avoided, i.e. limited only on morning face wash up, makeup and creams application. When you touch a dirty surface and, for example, you put your fingers onto your forehead, you increase the chances for skin infections.

2. Ears

Putting fingers or other objects in your ear threatens the health of the ears. “The skin in these body parts is very thin and prone to inflammations”- according to the American otolaryngologist John K. Niparko. Furthermore, he adds that constant ear itching can be the cause for numerous medical conditions which require a proper treatment. So, if you experience a frequent ear itching it is for the best to consult a medical expert rather than trying to solve the problem on your own. “The hands are the most common disease transmitters, so we need to limit their use- especially after touching dirty surfaces.”

3. Eyes

Touching your eyes is only allowed if you put contact lenses or you remove some dirt. Otherwise, you have to avoid scratching your eyes or touching them for any other reason. “Touching your eyes can lead to redness or some serious infections”- stated the ophthalmologist K. Cockerham. If you suffer from dry eyes, rash, etc. related with these body parts it is recommended to contact a medical expert rather than trying to solve the issue on your own.

4. Oral cavity

A recent British research showed that people put their fingers in their mouths more than 20 times per hour- when they are bored at work! A study published in the journal Journal of Applied Microbiology showed that third of all bodily infections are transmitted in this way.

5. Nose

People who have the habit of putting their fingers in their nose have 51 percent higher risk of the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus. These data was published in the journal Infection Control Hospital Epidemiology since 2006.

6. The area beneath the nails

Experts advise that we should have the shortest nails possible, since the skin under this body part is highly sensitive and it piles up dangerous bacteria from our surroundings. Moreover, the danger is even bigger if we do not regularly clean our nails, or if we do that in an improper way- pushing the nails from our other hand or sharp objects under the sensitive nail skin. Shorter nails only need a regular brushing.

7. Buttocks

Wiping with toilet paper after defecation and washing is the maximum contact advised for this body part. “Bacteria hold up in the anus area and they can be a potential danger for our health”- stated Dr. Jared V. Clain from the medical center in Harborview. It is recommended to wash your hands after any contact with this body part.
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  1. Almost all the things ( dirty and not normal at all, like fingers into the nose , into the ears... and that weird habit in toilet... grrrrr) refer to anormal , an~higienic people...
    I wash very often my hands , I' learned from childhood...

    I think you must advise the people you know., to go to NASA , to ask for an astronaut suit.... Before put them in quarentene...lol :-( :- (