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10 Questions for Anyone Who Has Never Been Able to Astral Project

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by Renne Caff
The Spirit Science

Astral projection is an out-of-body experience in which the ‘astral body’ separates itself from the physical body. This is an ancient technique the Egyptians used frequently.

The astral dimension is just a few frequencies higher than ours. It is a collection of our consciousness; a manifestation of our dreams, fears, thoughts and ideas. There are beings of all kinds residing on this plane, and when we can learn to focus our energy long enough, we can experience this level of reality together.

1. What does astral projection feel like?

This is very difficult to explain. Everything that is out of this world is lacking suitable words that will explain it. It may begin with a ‘sensation’ or a pressure in the head.

After a few seconds, the astral torso begins to lift out of the body. It is similar to being hypnotized by an unknown force accompanied by a huge noise in the head that might sound a bit scary.

The moment you are out of the body a feeling of being weightless overwhelms you. You are floating. However, the movements of the astral body are nothing like moving your physical body. But you can learn how to will your body to move.

2. What happens to your body during the astral projection?

The physical body is still alive and functioning but remains in a sort of stasis while the astral body is gone. They are still connected by a silver cord.

However, there’s a common belief that if the silver cord is cut, the physical body dies. On the other hand, astral travel practitioners agree that it is not quite possible to sever the silver cord.

3. What is the astral plane?

An astral plane is a level of existence; it is our collective thoughts manifested. It has it’s own laws that need to be followed in order to exist there.

For instance, human reside in the physical plane but the fact that we are multi-dimensional beings brings us to the conclusion that humans have part of themselves in other planes as well.

No plane is similar to other. The astral plane is considered to be an extension of the mind and a doorway to access higher dimensions.

4. Who can be found in the astral planes?

Elementals, humans, former humans, Devas, artificial astral entities and others ‘live’ in the astral planes. Elementals are sub-human forms consisted of the four elements (Water, Earth, Fire, Air).

Humans in their etheric astral bodies also hang around in the astral planes.

They can be recognized by the silver cord. Devas are enlightened beings, angels, ascended masters or higher leveled consciousnesses.

Artificial astral entities are very tricky because these are actually created by human minds through strong desire, sometimes in an unconscious way.

5. How long can astral projection last?

It lasts as long as you want it to. Sometimes, depending on your experience, it can feel like you’ve been there for years. Some people go through an entire life time, living the experience in real time, only to snap back into their physical body and realize they have only been gone a few hours.

6. Are there any benefits from the astral projection?

Just knowing that you have a soul is a positively enlightening thing. Other benefits include not being afraid of death, exploring the unknown, helping lost souls find their way to the light, understanding the universe much better, encountering and speaking to angelic beings and dead relatives etc. It is a way to understand the unknown.

7. How can you be sure astral projection is not just a lucid dream?

The characters in the lucid dreams are fabricated by your own mind and subconscious and you are in that dream construct.

The dream world is created by solely your mind and it can completely be controlled.

However, in astral projection you are very much awake and leaving your body. In this case, any beings you encounter are real and living on the astral plane and there are no dream elements. It is a live, interactive experience with other ‘real’ consciousnesses.

8. Can I learn how to astral project?

Of course, but for some it doesn’t come easy. Some people need to let go of their earthly attachments to be able to leave their body. Some people get stuck in sleep paralysis and can’t leave their body. There’s a lot of information to be read on astral travel, but first hand experience is the only way to get good at leaving your body.

9. Is astral projection dangerous?

Not physically, mentally and emotionally it can be. You can run into entities that want to do harm.

You can have trouble getting back into your body or feeling like you’re lost on the plane. There is no real danger as long as you understand you are in control of your section of reality.

10. What can I do while astral traveling?

Oh, what can’t you do? You can visit high-energy beings or encounter negative low-energy beings. You can also help lost souls find their way, meet deceased relatives, go back in time, talk to spirit guides, go to other realms and planets, fly around Earth and so on. You can do literally anything you mind can conceive of.
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