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Why Do We Question the Existence of God? We ARE God

by Mario A. Max
The Spirit Science

It seems that many people struggle with their faith, their belief systems and religions. This trouble persists because many of us have only half-realized beliefs and have been taught to never question these beliefs or ask why they are so.

These beliefs have been handed down through dogma and tradition. These beliefs taught us to never question and to accept with blind fanaticism.

To question these beliefs was to have doubt and to doubt these beliefs was to fail in our faith and trust in God.

We were taught that through doubting and questioning we would invite evil into our lives. Why were we taught to never search beyond the superficial beliefs forced upon us as children and to not use our natural sense of wonder to find the truth for ourselves?

Through questioning you can begin to find purpose in all things. Are light and darkness two separate things or is darkness just the absence of light? Is cold just the absence of heat? If you define one element by its opposite then you can begin to understand that these opposites are truly one and the same. If you can see the complexities of reality in it’s simplest form then the truth is easier to discover.

Just as silence and sound are complementary, good and evil are two sides of the same coin. But you cannot obtain true knowledge of good without knowing evil, that is, you cannot know what is good without defining evil.

Just as you will not know true happiness without experiencing suffering. Or you will not understand real value until you have toiled.

And through loving, struggling, experiencing pain, and overcoming many obstacles you will learn to truly live and to not fear death.

You will come to welcome death as a reward for a life well lived and your ticket to the life beyond.

If you can realize that your existence is a part that makes up the infinite universe then you will know that your influence can reach infinitely outward.

Jesus felt and experienced life as we all do. He felt happiness, sadness, anger, fear, and love just as we all do. Jesus was limited to the same constraints of being human as we all must contend with. He was limited by his human body and by the society that surrounded him.

Though he had powers, he showed us how to act as a man should, how to act as a human being should. He was humble, he always gave and would never take more than what was needed.

When he came upon evil and wrongdoing, he confronted it with righteousness and caused it to flee.

He was compassionate, caring, and forgiving even in knowing what was truly in the heart of man. Though he knew fear, he had the courage to fulfill his purpose and give his life for mankind.

Jesus acted as a man should, not as a god with unlimited powers could. We must define Jesus by the way he lived and not just by the miracles he performed.

I do not believe God exists, I know God exists. Questioning both the terrible and wonderful states of things currently in our world only strengthens my understanding and love for God.

All I need to do is look at nature or the night sky to be reminded of my awe and wonder of all of creation. God is all around me and within me; God created me and sustains me. Just as everything in the universe is of God and is God, God is me and I am God.

To believe in something without question is downright foolish, one must seek and come to know truth for oneself.

Through questioning every belief, observing everything around me, learning from every experience — good and bad, and discerning what exists deep inside myself, I have come to find God and find myself.

I have come to know this relationship between God and myself. And I have come to know myself in relation to God. Through this search inside, outside, and beyond myself, I have found truth. I have found knowledge. I have discovered purpose.

I do not believe in truth, I know truth. But we all must find the truth for ourselves. To seek and to know truth will free you from the need to accept the beliefs of others.

To know the truth is both profound and empowering. To know the truth within yourself is transcendence. And through this transcendence you will know that you are both eternal and infinite.

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