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How To Defend Yourself Against Astral Energies

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by Michelle Walling, CHLC

I have been inundated lately with reported cases of demonic attacks, psychic vampirism, hallucinations, etc. As a holistic life coach, I have been working with people to explain what is happening and why, as well as what we can do about it. This video touches on who and what is attacking, the reasons why you or your loved one is being targeted, and what you can do.

The case study that inspired me to do this video is discussed at the end. Here is the outline for the show topics:

Who and what is attacking

  • Astral entities or demons- there is a hierarchy of entities beginning with an artificial intelligence that has many extraterrestrial entities under its control. It is a conglomerate of energy vampires/black goo
  • Can attack through your mental body
  • Possessing others even for a conversation where they can steal your energy
  • Sexual
  • Extraterrestrials that are still abducting people for study and implanting
Reasons why you are being targeted
  • Lower vibration. From society. programming –television, trauma- 9 out of 10 children have been abused, whether sexual, physical, emotional. Traumas can cause a shattering of soul splinters outside of the body
  • They want your body
  • They want your energy
What you can do
Links mentioned in the video:

Black Goo
Mary Rodwell Interview
Contract revocation with Rich West
Eve Lorgen:

About the author:

Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach, webmaster, writer, and and Radio Host on In5d radio’s The Cosmic Awakening Show. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. Michelle has joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events, and as a contributing author for In5D. All of Michelle Walling’s articles and radio appearances can be found on her database Holistic Counseling sessions can be booked through her website The truth about the holographic nature of the matrix and how we are going to dissolve it can be explored on her website Michelle’s personal Facebook page can be found here.
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  1. I have problem that is so big that I I could end up dead if nothing is done or if I don't receive help my problem is super real and serious please if any one really wants to help me contact me thanks

  2. I saw a black shadow...but this dude is actually alive and astral proje ted to my house ....who can help me ...cause i see him often here at my house walking ....they call him the man in white he is a male witch up in Monterey, Mexico. ...

  3. I have been able to see and interact with entries as a small child. I have learned over the years that fear is your worst enemy. Once you understand what they are, you can control how they interact with you. You are always protected, not only with your own Aura of light but from angelic guides as well.
    I have learned that some of these experiences I have had with entries are put there to help teach me more about the other vibrational dimensions. As you grow so does your frequency if being, you become a different vibration then the entity that is trying to interact with you so they have a more difficult time trying to interact with you.
    They may try to interact, touch or even attach themselves to you but what I have learned is that you are in control and they must listen and respond to your commands to step back and not “touch” you. Remember that all the different vibrational frequencies and dimensions are here for a reason. It is all part of our multidimensional journey through the afterlife.
    Try not to think in terms of “negative, positive” it is all just frequencies we vibrate at. So, what we are calling “lower” or “higher” is not good or bad, it is just a “different” frequency. So, this helps take away the fear and helps us realize that we are just not vibrating at that entries frequency.
    What I have learned as well is that we live in a fear based world. We must learn to move beyond “fear” and take control of our own path and destiny. We are all angelic being of light as well and in time you will find that you too, can help protect and guide others on their quest to learn and grow.