HAARP Curves Hurricane Up Toward Southern California, Storms Hit - RiseEarth

HAARP Curves Hurricane Up Toward Southern California, Storms Hit

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The HAARP Status Network Maps were on red alert for the region of the Southwestern United States for over two weeks and this all came together perfect as a hurricane was brought up this past weekend.

Hurricane Dolores was forecast to go west but instead forecasters scrambled to find out if it was going to affect the Southern California area. It did, and it hit hard with severe storms and flooding over the weekend, making a typically dry July weekend into a record wet one.

But what happened? Forecasts had Dolores heading well away from Southern California. The red alert trigger signals that something was going to affect the storm. It curved Dolores northward enough to impact the area and this was a surprise to most forecasters because it wasn’t predicted by the hurricane center to do so.

Red alert remains in the region but signals are calming some.

Last week, Southern Queensland Australia had snow impact the region, not seen in many many years … if at all in some of the areas. HS maps had Australia in a red alert as well on the southern end … wow.

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