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15 Simple Ways To Create Good Karma For Yourself

by Andrea Schulman
Spirit Science and Metaphysics

When we create good karma in our lives today, we create more happiness and fulfillment for our futures tomorrow.

Karma is a universal law that affects everyone, all of the time. It is the consequence of our actions. Karma brings back to us what we are putting out into the universe, be it love, hate, humor, sadness, stress, excitement or anything else we chose to project.

Like the ripples in a pond that radiate out from a pebble dropping into the water, karma pulses out after each of our actions and choices, and it affects the future unfolding in front of us. The good news is, it’s ridiculously easy to build good karma for yourself.

Offering kindness to others is a wonderful way to bring happiness to others, and it is also a way to create good karma in our own lives. When we put kindness and love out into the world, the after-effects of these choices bring more kindness and love into tomorrow’s reality. For this reason, offering a friendly gesture to another person is an action that is always worth the effort!

Here are a few friendly gestures that create good karma. How many of these actions are a part of your daily routine?

1. Smile at people throughout the day.

2. Be patient with others.

3. Give a hug to someone you care about.

4. Pat someone on the back.

5. Offer a handshake.

6. Open a door for someone else.

7. Let a car in ahead of you while in traffic.

8. Use the words “please” and “thank you” habitually.

9. Share your knowledge and skills with others.

10. Be interested in what others have to say (ask questions, listen, etc).

11. Own up to any mistakes you make, and offer genuine apologies.

12. Give compliments freely.

13. Stop to ask someone “are you ok?” when they look distressed.

14. Stick up for someone who’s being made fun of or treated poorly.

15. Forgive people for their mistakes.

Which of these friendly gestures do you use the most in your day-to-day life? Are there any other friendly gestures you would recommend for building good karma? Comment below and let me know!

About the author:

This article was written by Andrea Schulman of raiseyourvibrationtoday.com. She also runs a member website with premium resources to help people create better lives through the Law of Attraction and the power of positive thinking. You can also subscribe to her newsletter for more free tips like the ones in this article.

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  1. I do all of those things. I don't think about doing them. I just do. I am planning on becoming the recipient of some super duper double scoop of goodness. Namaste

  2. thank you Andrea Schulman.
    these practices, in my experience, do not really affect karma directly, but are the keys by which we open up the heart chakra. The heart chakra is the modulator of energies of the lower and of the higher chakras.; the fulcrum by which our higher nature and our lower nature are kept in state of balance. When the heart chakra is open, and the person is in state of harmony, she can proceed to open up and connect the upper chakras to all the other chakras. Here, the chakras would look like a pillar of white light, called UNIFIED CHAKRAS. The Caballah call this the living Tree of Life. From there, she can look at her particular karmas, and can at that point dismantle them.

    Thank you, RiseEarth.

  3. I would like to add something else. In my travels across the USA, I used to meet many homeless non-persons.
    I had set aside a budget for these people. I did not pick and choose who to give to. They're in need. One sunny morning, about 10;30 am, as I was handing out some money to a deranged homeless, my chest started to explode with white lights. So bright it was, brighter than the noonday sun. accompanied by feelings of delight, acceptance, gratitude and love. I thought my chest was going to explode..! Like I was whipped-lashed with bliss.
    My rational mind did not understand this.. but that was the beginning of many wonderful energy explosions in my chest.
    A few years later, while still wandering, I visited the Amitabha Stupa in Sedona, Arizona. As I sat there contemplating the Buddha, my chest again exploded , this time, with pink laser like lights that rained down and enfolded my energy field down under my feet, like a sphere. Eh....no, I'm not buddhist. I've no religion.
    So, the lesson is, well, you already know : Get out of your head.Stay in your heart always.
    Thanks, RiseEarth.