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Human Trial Investigating Cannabis As A Brain Cancer Treatment Set To Begin This Year

by Organic Health

The list of illnesses and such can all be helped with the use of marijuana. Glaucoma, pain, nausea, and many other things can be helped with the use of this plant.

Even though there is a ton of evidence supporting the use of marijuana in the medical field. For some reason, clinical treatment with this is virtually non-existent. Studies were done on animals with one specific type of brain cancer; Glioma has been extremely promising, and scientists are now even crowdfunding for human studies in order to investigate its potential therapeutic benefits. Given the positive pubic response shows this could definitely be a good thing. These Cannabinoids are biologically active compounds found in the cannabis plants, and they hold an enormous amount of promise. While marijuana is deemed as a schedule 1 drug and deemed to have no accepted medical treatment use, It has been legalized in several states for its medicinal use. Natalie Jonk, founder of Walacea has said that by making cannabis a schedule 1 drug it simply makes people who want to benefit from its use criminals. Cancer patients that want to use this drug are forced to rely on personal experience and forums; this can be dangerous. Their doses aren’t being regulated.

Gliomas are a very common type of brain cancer that accounts for almost fifty percent of cases of brain cancer. They seem to have a tendency to grow into the normal brain tissue, therefore removing it is extremely difficult and usually little bits of the tumors are left behind even with the doctors best efforts. Gliomas are hard to treat; cannabis may be the only cure honestly. Cannabis rapidly exert various effects by mimicking natural substances that are produced by our body, and this sticks to and activates the cannabinoid receptors. Causing anti-tumor activity. By encouraging these cannabinoids cause the cells to drive the glioma progression down. This can in term kill the cancer.

The video below will tell you a little more on how cannabis can treat cancer.

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