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How To Prepare Lemon Water The Right Way

It seems that everyone has taken up the habit of drinking a glass of hot water with lemon, so why not try it yourself. This drink will rid your body from the toxins that are being accumulated in it every single day as well as improve the function of your digestive system.

In fact, the famous nutrition author and media personality, Keri Glassman has also taken up this habit, because as she told ABC News Radio: “a single glass of hot lemon water before breakfast can not only help you stay hydrated, but may also improve digestion and regulate an overactive appetite.” In addition, the founder of Food Coach NY, nutritionist Dana James has pointed out the amazing natural cleansing properties that lemon water has and its ability to increase detoxification due to the lemon’s bitterness, “which activates the bile flow, which helps emulsify and remove fat soluble toxins.” So, these are reasons enough to start drinking lemon water.

However, there’s one thing to keep in mind when preparing your glass of lemon water, which everyone usually overlooks, – add some lemon zest! This will provide you with maximum health benefits because “the lemon skin contains the flavonoid limonin, and that’s where the detox properties come from,” explains James. Therefore, the next time you prepare your glass of hot lemon water, make sure you add at least half a teaspoon of lemon zest to it and thus you’ll make use of all the benefits that this drink offers.

Source: healthylivingstyle

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  1. I sweeten it with stevia, a natural calorie free sweetener. Unfortunately, in my opinion, stevia is bitter when used in tea and coffee, but with lemon it is the PERFECT sweetener. A pinch of powdered cardamon is also a great addition! Don't forget to buy lemons which are unwaxed, and organic. If they are not organic you really want to avoid eating the skins as most of the pesticides etc. will be concentrated there.