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Healing From a Spiritual Perspective: Energy Medicine

by Braxton A. Cosby
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There is quite a bit of speculation around the power of the mind over the body concerning performance and more specifically, from the aspect of healing. There is a strong element of proof behind this when you get down to the hard science of how the body functions. At all times, the body wants to maintain a state of homeostasis. It never really wants to be completely well or sick, but walk the fine line of wellness, expressed across the three paradigms of mental, physical and spiritual. If we break down each one of these, we would have to look at the overall effects they have on an individual and the components which make up each one.

Mental – the part of the psyche that helps to regulate how one sees themselves. Are you a winner or a loser, fat or skinny, healthy or sick, attractive or ugly? Although some of these examples of descriptors are extreme one way or another, truth be told, most people feel some kind of way about it. Ultimately, how you function in society carries an element of confidence with it which can be driven by any myriad of factors. These examples comprise only a small dimension.

Physical – a measurement of how the body functions as compared to standardized baselines and norms. This incorporates body types, height, weight, BMI and other nominal scientific data such as blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. These numbers suggest how well the body is tolerating outside influences such as food, nutrition and even weather elements such as smoke and pollution.

Spiritual – the relationship between the seen and unseen factors or influences on our lives that shape who we are and the perspective by which we live by. A person’s attachment to his or her spirituality – be it a religious affiliation or not – can dictate how well they respond to the hiccups of being alive and their degree of perseverance during trying times in their lives.

All of these paradigms play a major role in how we express ourselves to the world around us and how people identify the degree of our overall wellness. Within all of these lies an underlying consensus that people are driven by energy; either negatively or positively. It’s measurable! Don’t believe me? Scientific studies show that cells in the body have a degree of resonance or vibration – if you will – that originates somewhere and correlates to some component of health. Electricity is also a measurable element. Polarity in the human body is a measure of injury to damaged tissue. An acute wound sends signals to the brain of positive polarity so that the body can best send chemical mediators of healing to the area and modulate fluid in and out to allow for sufficient circulation to counter the inflammatory response. This can be facilitated or inhibited with electrical stimulation. Lastly, how about EMG (electromyography); the electro diagnostic medicine technique for evaluating and recording the electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles. The degree of measurement dictates how well these muscles are performing and coordinating their efforts to produce contractions for strength and balance.

I write all this to say that without energy nothing can live or function – whether organic or synthetic. So, the more we go on in our mundane lives trying to maintain a sense of wellness or well-being without respecting the importance of energy, it is safe to say that we are fighting a battle with one hand tied behind our backs. Since energy cannot be either created or destroyed, if we fail to monitor and nurture that energy, we run the risk of running at levels that can dangerously impact our state of health. In this series of energy medicine, I will introduce to you several alternatives of both medicine and forms of exercise that can help to re-establish the lost energy in your body and make you more aware of how to manage it, so that you can continue to perform at a high level and be the best “You” that “You” can be. Stay tuned.

About the Author:

Braxton A. Cosby is a dreamer with a vision of continuously evolving and maximizing the untapped potential of the human spirit. Braxton has made it his personal mission to change lifestyles – one bad habit at a time. Connect with Braxton at http://braxtoncosby.com

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