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A Different Horoscope: Which Fruit Are You by Your Date of Birth?

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Did you know that there is fruit horoscope? According to the date of birth, find out which fruit are you and read your characteristics.

Tangerine (22:01. – 19:02.)

Sexologists say that these people have the least sexual problems. Sexual activities are seen as healthy for their body and as encouraging the spirit, so they surrender to them completely, as if it were a sport.

Their spouses think that their biggest flaw is the propensity for cheating, and the advantage is that they are tolerant and willing to forgive. They do not want tables and chairs, watch TV lying on the floor and leaning on a pillow, and have the same position when eating.

They are considered to be most active. This is due to the innate temperament. Their biggest wish is be in touch with nature or to sleep in a bag under the open sky.

Orange (20:02. – 20:03)

Oranges are predisposed to become the biggest fans and most concerned about certain political ideas, followers of various groups and organizations. They are willing to sacrifice themselves for the common good, but it is easy to manipulate with them, especially if you are more talkative person. Although considered messy and superficial, their advantage is the speed.

They are often superstitious and prone to gambling. Pay attention to their behavior in the moments when they are pensive or when they are thinking with concentration, you will notice that they are playing with some pendant, ring or bracelet. They easily fall in love at first sight.

Pineapple (21:03. – 20:04)

They cannot boast of success in leading professional negotiations and maintenance of some collaboration. They do not stand dishonest and deceptive people, and speak without thinking and terminate the relationship with such people.

They walk impressively with the head up high, and their step is solid and reliable. Due to the sporty spirit they possess, they are exuberant and active until old age. The main reason why the pineapple type would end a relationship is the indifference, predictability and lack of passion.

They regard these characteristics as a cold shower. A reason for divorce can be jealousy. They rarely go to the doctor, theit biggest enemy is the flu, but they have the strongest immunity.

Medlar (21:04. – 21.05.)

They are not at their best in the role of superiors. They avoid speeches in public, have difficulties in establishing authority, as they lack rigidity. If something goes wrong, they often resort to drinking and exaggeration with bodily pleasures.

Family life is very important to them, and the home is considered a private matter. They rarely communicate with neighbors. Their house looks like a warehouse with unnecessary things. They have traditional artistic sensibility and bind to objects and other trinkets. They react to all changes in the environment.

Cherry (22:05. – 21:06)

The people in this group are high on the list of favorite bosses. They appreciate the talent and abilities of their subordinates much and consider that it is important to reward those who are loyal and dedicated workers. They are having trouble with laziness.

Strict diets and heavy exercises achieve poor results in their case. Cherries were more likely than others to hold their partner close to them and follow their every step, since they are very jealous.

But, they are willing to wait as long as it takes for a loving person who will reciprocate the same extent. They are patient and loyal. Cherries do not have a high opinion for people who use cheap perfumes or live in disorganized homes.

Apricot (22:06. – 22:07)

They belong to the group of lucky ones who do not undergo fright or panic before going out or before an exam. Most pop stars who have no problem with appearing in public are born in this sign. They are the most faithful visitors of social developments, and regular guests on glamorous parties.

But, on the other hand, there are not many scientists in this sign. Their practical intelligence and ambitions are not subject to systematic learning.

They boast about what they have. They show their partner proudly, highlighting his charm, intelligence and ambition. Apricots men often suffer from sexual problems, but rather than seeking help, they will blame their partner.

Peach (23:07. – 22:08)

If they realize that their hobby brings greater benefits and money than real work, without much regret they will commit fully to it. They easily learn new words and grammar, so they understand the language in an unknown country more quickly than others.

They are most numerous among polyglots, and are also considered to be excellent translators. They are particularly successful in solving riddles, and are masters of jokes. They recount their funny stories in a manner that all those around them roll of laughter.

Their presence in the company guarantees good entertainment. That they cannot get enough of love is proved by the fact that nothing prevents them from getting married in a nursing home after a couple of failed marriages.

Raspberry (23:08. – 22:09)

They need more time than other signs for everyday things, because they pay too much attention to details and analysis, and slowly realize the whole problem. However, for leadership positions, they are in second place, but reach that success in the fiftieth year.

In love, they first find the causes “against” the relationship, and even then they analyze the advantages. They are demanding in terms of their partner’s habits and his actions. They have the most sensitive digestive system.

Grapes (23:09. – 22:10)

Members of this sign are valid for one of the most beautiful, which is confirmed by many experts in the cosmetics industry. They are the least prone to wrinkles, so they have a smooth face even in elder years. They are the most skilful seducers, whose charm is hard to resist.

No one else wants money and social status more than those born under the sign of Grapes. They hardly pay their bills. They want much older or much younger partners. The sense of smell is well developed.

Chestnuts (22:10. – 22:11)

Chestnuts are among those who want things marked. They buy only the necessary, their criteria are quality and persistence of the product. They do not attach importance of marital fidelity as expected, and become more faithful over the years. The working day of Chestnuts usually lasts until late at night. In this sign are born many prominent musicians, especially guitarists, and comedians. They are more sensible than we think. They relax while playing chess.

Apple (23:11. – 21:12)

Their vulnerability to uncontrolled outbursts of rage is especially apparent if you try to analyze them publicly in front of others and if you ask too many personal questions. If you love black humor, search for their company. People who know them claim that they are very funny, and they enjoy the most the witty riddles at the expense of a problem.

The concentration is the strongest around midnight, so they work when others sleep. They want to provoke and go to extremes. They often want to adorn the body with tattoos and piercings.

Pomegranate (22:12. – 21:01)

They usually work those jobs which require ingenuity. They do even ordinary things in a special way. Pomegranates are fascinated by everything that is ultra modern. They follow the trend in every respect. It is difficult to plan the future with them.

Their partners most mind their wish to remain on friendly terms with their ex. Pomegranates constantly feel the need for a change. They do not stay in one place for long and move often. They are adventurous and want to see everything and to take a photograph. For them, the ideal place for rest and living is the forest.

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  1. Explaining your dating system would have been helpful. I am guessing 22:12 is Dec. 22nd. That's just a guess using the European way of putting the day before the month. If I am right on what fruit I am then it is dead on perfect fit for me. Impressive. All other horoscopes usually get 3 out of 4 right but this one was 100%