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What Happens To Your Body if You Smoke Right After Your Meal

Smokers always enjoy a cigarette after a meal. Tobacco is not recommended at any rate, but it’s especially dangerous after eating. According to scientists, if you smoke immediately after a meal, you do damage to the body as if you smoked 10 cigarettes at once.

The risk of lung cancer increases. Also, smoking particularly affects the deterioration of irritable bowel syndrome. Digestive system acts on the whole body, and the nicotine ties to the oxygen in the blood, which then more easily absorbed.

Extra tip what you should not do after a meal:

Fruits are usually processed in the body immediately, but only if you eat them separately, that’s why they are recommended as a snack.

But if you eat them immediately after a meal, they will remain in the body because of the previously consumed food and would discharge toxins in the stomach which affect the creation of cellulite. So eat fruit on an empty stomach or two hours after a meal.

Source: healthyfoodhouse

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