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The Dark Side Of The White Chocolate: Think Twice Before You Eat It

The white chocolate that the kids adore is a mixture of fats and chemical aroma.

Nutritionists warn that this product unproved carries the name “chocolate”, because it doesn’t contain the try chocolate, coco.

As food specialists claim, white chocolate manufacturers use herb fats instead of oil, so the white chocolate can’t serve either as a worst replacement for the chocolate.

The white chocolate is a sweet poison that doesn’t preserve the needed vitamins and minerals and has absolutely no energetic and nutrient values, exclusively calorie.

Unlike the brown chocolate, the white chocolate doesn’t have theobromine that comes from the coco tree but it stimulatingly effects on the organism if it is consumed in moderate amounts, says Dr. Ljubomir Pfaf, food specialist.

Specialists warn that the white chocolate is digested longer than the black chocolate because in the best situation it contains to 20% coco oil and about 14% of the mixture is dry milk mass. The remaining is mainly sugar, so in 100 grams white chocolate there is up to 57,1 grams carbohydrates.

The word “chocolate” in the so called white chocolate was always a question because it doesn’t contain coco, which is the main ingredient of the brown chocolate. It’s mainly a mixture of butter and other fats with a lot of sugar and artificial emulsifiers that make the flavor, explain the nutritionists.

They warn that this “sweet sin” is full of artificial aroma, emulsifiers and unhealthy replacement for the coco oil (32,2 grams in 100 grams of chocolate).

The biggest problem with the white chocolate is that you’re never sure what you are eating. But, if you can’t quit try buying tested manufacturers, always read the content and don’t exaggerate because more than 3 chocolate cubes are too much, advises the nutritionist Milka Raichevic, writes 24сата.рс

Source: homehealthyrecipes

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