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See How The Smoking Affects Your Beauty

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We all know that smoking can cause lung cancer.

But, did you know that it is responsible for intense hair grow on the face as a bad quality of the sperm?

Here’s plus what the smoking does to your body:

It is proven that women have more pimples on the face, yellow teeth and nails.

The circulation is reduced with smoking and because of that the skin looks unhealthy and old.

Non-smokers have 5 times less wrinkles than the smokers who smoke one pack a day. The women that smoke constantly with years have bigger chances for early entry into menopause.

Smokers from all the people have weaker and rare hair and get bold faster. The smokers have twice the risk for clogging the vessels and a weak sex life. Because of the weak blood flow in the penis the smokers have twice bigger chances for erection problems.

The toxins from the cigarettes reduce the spermatozoid mobility.

Source: homehealthyrecipes
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