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Make Your Own Detoxification Patches

Detoxification patches have a double action in our body:

– Stimulate reflexology points

– Absorb toxins from the organism.

Detoxification patches are very expensive to buy, so we present how to make them yourself at home.

Take an aluminum foil and cut a piece 10 x 6 cm. Make a mixture of dried herbal ingredients (turmeric, green tea, chamomile, child powder and vitamin C powder from the pharmacy). It is best to crush them using pestle until they become powdered.

Finally, cover them with a piece of gauze and fix it on the feet. Let the patch act overnight.

Which are the advantages of detoxification patches?

– Encourage the excretion of toxins

– Stimulate reflexology points

This detoxification patch will also help you with:

– Strengthening of the immune system

– As a prevention

– Quality sleep

– Better concentration

– Detoxification and organism cleansing

– Organism balance

– Change of lifestyle

– Slowing the aging process

– Anti-stress effect

– Stimulating bodily functions


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