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Instead Of Aspirin, Eat Some Cherries!

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Cherries are about to be present on the markets, which means you can purchase this fruit and gain their health benefits.

For centuries, people known that cherries are very tasty and healing fruits. This has been confirmed by many scientific studies too. Cherries are rich in antioxidants, and research has shown they have favorable impact against heart diseases, bone diseases and pain relief. Besides being rich in antioxidants, cherries are rich in flavonoids as well.

This fragrant fruit contains large amounts of anthocyanin and it is believed it can reduce pain. 20 cherries act better than an aspirin. Due to large amounts of magnesium and calcium, cherries are great for our bones because they contain a large percentage of water and are low in calories, which make cherries excellent for those who want to reduce weight as well. Fiber, vitamins and minerals, that are abundant in cherries, will increase energy and purify the blood.

Anyway, fruit and seed of a cherry tree are not the only beneficial parts. The stem of cherries is also beneficial. You can use the stems to make tea, which will facilitate secretion of urine and kidney problems. This tea’s preparation is simple: put a handful of stems in one liter of boiling water and cook the tea for about two more minutes. Then let it stand still for 15 minutes, before you strain the tea. Drink it in small sips throughout the day.

In Japan the cherry blossoms are regarded as national flower, symbolizing happiness. Japanese cherish the tradition, called hanami, for many years. It is enjoying the transient beauty of cherry flowers. This tradition takes its uplift in April, since cherry trees bloom in this month. Japanese consider it a very important event.

Source: healthyfoodstar
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