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Build A Living Kid’s Playhouse That Brings Them Back To Mother Nature

Kids these days don’t want to go outside and play, they want to sit inside and play on phones, video games, etc. You need to make them want to go outside with this living playhouse!

When I was little my friends and I played outside in the dirt, ant beds, riding bikes, etc. The kids nowadays don’t do that anymore. They sit inside and play video games, play on their phones, tablets, etc. They have too much to distract them from going outside and being active.

You need to make your kids want to go outside and play. This natural living playhouse will make them want to enjoy the outdoors. It is a runner bean “teepee” den that provides shade and is great for kids! What is even better, you can make it yourself!


– 8-10 long bamboo canes
– Gardening string
– Pack of runner bean seeds
– Large roll of garden string


1. Choose your space.
2. Push bamboo canes in the ground in a circle to make a pyramid shape. Leave a gap between two canes for entrance. Secure the canes using the string.
3. You can secure the shape of the pyramid by using chicken wire or a series of gardening strings.
4. Dig a square foot around the bases of the bamboo canes.
5. Add compost or manure.
6. Poke 2 holes 1-2 inches deep at the base of each cane.
7. Drop a seed into the hole and fill it with water. When the water has drained, put the soil back over the holes and water again.
Willow den


– Large bundle of long green willow rods
– Straw for the base.


1. Choose your space.
2. Lay the straw across the surface of your space.
3. Make holes 2-3 inches in diameter through the area in the straw where the rods should be planted.
4. Place the longest rods in the ground like the other set of directions in the shape of a teepee.

Source: buynongmoseeds

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