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5 Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Sugar

First thing that you ought to know is that sugar is not so bad , because natural sugar exist in most of the foods, so you don’t need an extra sugar in your food, so if you reduce it the results will be far more evident.

Despite the fact that sugary sweets and sugar-loaded foods which are used for flavoring are tempting and common mostly in western cultures, it is far than necessary to eat so much sugar.

If you stop eating other sugar and just stick to the natural one you will experience positive changes.

Normal Weight
If you eat sugar a lot your organism will want even more. The more you eat, the more addicted you become to it. In this case, we are not talking about raw sugar, but for sugar in foods full of carb and fat. This type of foods, excluding the fruit, contain many ingredients which are undesirable for your body. If you reduce eating sugar first thing to notice will be the feeling of being hungry all the time, you will start losing calories in other words you will start losing weight.

Energy Boost
When we have lack of energy the first thing to do is reaching sugar loaded products to boost our energy. But if you don’t do this mistake, if you stop eating sugar you will immediately have even more energy. Actually, sugar blocks your body’s ability to keep the energy stores at high level. What is more, your sugar level won’t fluctuate all the time.

Reduced Sugar Cravings
If you stop eating sugar and stick only to the natural sugar like fruits, your so called ‘addiction’ will slowly disappear and once you try some cake you will tell the difference and conclude that the cake is extremely rich with sugar.

Healthier Skin Complexion
If you stop eating sugar you will also notice positive changes on your face too. Acne appears due to big consumption of sugar, so don’t take the risk and stop eating sugar.

Proper Function of Intestines and Colon
if you stop eating sugar you help the intestines to digest the food properly. They require healthy food to digest not an impure food that make the process of digestion slower. Another good thing is that your visit to the bathroom will be more frequent.

Are you ready to start your sugar detox and quit sugar?

If you stop eating sugar at once you will get used to the sugar-diet faster than you think. There’s been recent changes in daily sugar recommendation changed from 10% to 5% daily.

In the first phase of quitting sugar you must evaluate what you eat and drink and start reducing the amount of the sugary foods. In the next phase, avoid sugar-laden products. Overtime you will adjust to your dietary changes.

Sometimes quitting something can take more time. But don’t stop trying. You will get used to it and the results will sure be worth it.

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