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10 Unsolved Mysteries That Still Hide in the Human Brain

Why are we experiencing déjà vu? How music causes emotions? Or simply what is consciousness?

These are just a few of the unanswered questions associated with the human brain.

The answers of these questions are not yet obtained, but those are not unique.

AllTime10’s in one place selected 10 unsolved mysteries that still hide in the human brain, with partial explanations and guessing, and the reasons why some things are still unknown to us.

Among these mysteries are the emotions and physical reactions that appear when we hear music even though it doesn’t contribute to our survival. Consciousness that we all have, it is unclear why it is subjective to each person and how specialized parts of the brain communicate with each other and how these elements of the brain create our individual perception of the world.

Great puzzle here is the dream, which some scientists believe that dream helps us to solve the problems that we have faced and also the way our brain understands time.

Think how little we know about the most precious part of the human body.

Source: instanthealthyliving

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