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Why People of This Tribe Live over 100 Years and do not Know About Cancer?

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by Instant Healthy Living

In nature there are many herbs and remedies that are known to treat cancer and other serious diseases, but the medicine persistently ignores them. One of these remedies is laetril, also called vitamin B17.

Health supplements that contain this vitamin are forbidden to use. The fact is that “modern” man of western civilization is exposed to cancer more than “primitive” cultures. Hunza is old tribe in northern Pakistan, whose members live over 100 years and do not know anything about cancer.

The secret of these people is vitamin B17. The people of this tribe consume 250 to 3,000 milligrams of vitamin B17 a day. Wealth in Hunza tribe is measured by the amount of apricot trees. Whoever has more apricot trees is considered richer because dry apricot seeds are special foods that contain vitamin B17.

Protectors of the “cancer industry” are the biggest opponents of this natural cure against cancer. Ernst T . Krebs (1912-1996) is one of the few doctors who used vitamin B17 in the treatment of their patients. He has carried out detailed research on the action of the vitamin B17 on cancer patients and collected enough evidence for its promotion as a cure for cancer.

How vitamin B17 works?

Vitamin B17 is composed of one molecule benzaldehyde, one molecule hydrogen cyanide and two molecules of glucose. In order to liberate benzaldehyde and cyanide they have to come in contact with a specific enzyme beta-glucosidase. This enzyme is mostly present in cancer cells (until 3000 times).

The principle of work is simple: the cancer cells in order to develop they need large amounts of energy, or glucose. When you take vitamin B17 , cancer cells absorb glucose molecule of vitamin B17.

With beta – glucosidase enzyme are released benzaldehyde and cyanide of vitamin B17 , destroying the infected cells . Due to the high concentration of beta – glucosidase enzymes, vitamin B17 is extremely lethal to cancer cells, while for the healthy cells is nontoxic.

Benzaldehyde and cyanide are toxic elements, but in combination with glucose molecules in vitamin B17 , they are inert and have no toxic effects.

Recommended daily dose

Recommended daily dose is 5 to 7 seeds for prevention. In patients the best is to consume 1 to 2 seeds every hour, but not more than 35 seeds per day. The maximum dose is determined by the weight divided by 3 and the result is maximum of apricot seeds that you need to consume in a day.
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  1. I don't understand, apricot seeds are "pits" are they not? These are like stones, large and hard, how does one consume many of them?

    1. not a big issue just break pit and eat inner stuff..I do eat 10-20 a day....not harmful at all.

    2. You can buy them, either in local drug stores (at least in Europe) or online. But please educate yourself, you find lots of information about Laetrile online - too many kernels can turn out poisonous, depending on your body weight.
      My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. She changed her diet and started eating up to 15 bitter apricot kernels a day - 6 months later she was cancer free! It works! <3