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The Sacred Power of the Energy of Love

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by PL Chang

The energy of love is what keeps everything in the Universe in a state of balance and harmony. This is why when you love other people, you feel a sense of peace when you are around them. You feel this way because your energy vibrates in harmony with theirs, causing you to have a strong emotional bond with them. Love is essential for life and reality to exist because it gives Nature the aspiration to keep everything in balance.

What is pure love?

Love is not just an emotion because the pure form of love goes beyond the senses of the body. In essence, pure love is nothing more than an energetic state of perfect vibrational harmonization. As a result, words can not describe what this love really is. If you want to know what pure love is, you will need to experience it. It is only through direct experience that you can comprehend what pure love truly is.

Many of us like to think that love is a strong emotion related to friendships, relationships, and sexual desires. This definition of love only defines the surface of love. At the deeper levels, love is a harmonic conscious energy that attracts everything into oneness. It is a form of energy that is always vibrating toward a state of perfect vibrational harmonization.

For more enlightening information about love, read my poem titled The Meanings of Love.

Why we can not experience the full frequency of pure love yet

When you experience the pure form of love, it is like being in an ecstasy state of total awareness and infinite joy with all things. Most people who have experienced a little bit of this pure love often feel unhappy afterwards, because it makes the love that they experience here on Earth feel like nothing, causing them to be depressed and even suicidal.

In our current state of evolution, we human beings are not able to embody the full frequency of pure love. If somehow we were able to do so, our physical bodies would explode because the joy and power of this love would be too overwhelming for us to handle. However, we can gradually tap into this love by learning how to activate our “junk DNA,” expand our consciousness, and increase our frequency.

A great way to expand your consciousness is to study knowledge of empowerment. Your consciousness is an information field of infinite possibilities. The more empowering knowledge you absorb into your consciousnesses, the more it will expand. Meditation is also a great way to expand your consciousness. In addition, it is great for increasing your frequency. For some simple tips on how to meditate, read this article titled Five Easy Tips on How to Meditate for Beginners.
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