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How Much Evidence Do We Need to Take Action?

by Zen Gardner

The news pouring in daily about how we’re being scammed, poisoned and domineered by big food, big pharma, big oil, big corporations and big brother is almost overwhelming.

It’s past time to draw some conclusions from all of the obvious evidence.

This is where the rubber meets the road. There comes a time we need to crystallize all that’s being plainly revealed into a very clear picture that brings personal action and a conscious response. The global engineers are enacting a full spectrum attack on humanity, to not just subdue, control and transform the world’s populations, but to reduce it by slowly maiming and killing it off.

The common awareness of these programs extends to such arenas as weather and electromagnetic warfare, radiation contamination and a full on global fracking agenda, full spectrum geopolitical hegemony, invasive medical and pharmaceutical fascism, and the tightening economic vice grip on people’s supply lines and their very survival.

Everything we read daily points in the same direction.

The question before us is, what will we do in the face of such an onslaught? Are we first of all willing to draw some conscious conclusions? Or are we afraid due to the implications of what our personal involvement might entail? And all while our race is clearly being adulterated and exterminated?

Serious personal questions indeed. Courage is the absence of letting fear rule our lives. Doing the conscious and responsible thing is the duty of every living creature, not just “activists”, another term used pejoratively to keep people from doing the obvious.

Eugenics – The Openly Declared Usurping Elitist Agenda

Elitism runs on fundamental tenets. Thinking they are superior and knowing what’s best for the world, they have funded and operated think tanks, foundations, institutions, universities and secret organizations for centuries in one form or another to formulate and hone their plans.

The scale is massive with these internationalists and we are the subjects of their experimental implementations. That their aim is to modify as well as reduce our numbers is a repeatedly documented goal of these psychopaths.

All for control and arrogantly assumed domination of those they consider inferior.

After all is said and done, they’re not sure of anything, despite their hubris. We are a race with qualities they cannot fathom due to their abject lack of empathy and true conscious awareness, despite their metastasized left-brained so-called intelligence and other intimidating dark machinations and engineered influences.

Recent decades have seen a massive proliferation of such elite planning organizations, many operating openly with benign names like the Rand Corporation, the Stanford Institute, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Carnegie Institute, the Red Cross, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Institute for the Advancement of the Sciences, the Ford Foundation, the Sierra Club, the Jesuit Society of Jesus and many many more.

Most hypno-zombies don’t think anything of such organizations. After all, like the “Patriot Act”, they must be for out collective good.

More profoundly, media manipulation through language sorcery and meme repetition has been extremely successful. Most would never even stop to question anything sounding like an “authority” on some issue, hence the worship of men in white coats with strings of degrees after their names, trusting “talking heads”, institutions like these and anything sounding credible.

To the News

Which brings me to the news. Almost hourly we’re reading of new exposés regarding critical health issues, from the disastrous effects of vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs to the cover up of what is actually in our adulterated and genetically modified food which they themselves won’t touch, as well as our drinking water and the very air we breathe.

Not new, but bubbling up more and more in the mass consciousness.

The world militarization and mass surveillance agenda is another major factor happening concurrently as an obvious manifestation of this globalist agenda. Media complicity is clear and their influence is waning rapidly as grass roots community actions proliferate.

Just the fact that the realistic, awake and aware perspective of seeing these realities for what they are has been portrayed as “conspiratorial” puts the control issue way over the top, not just in Orwellian incredulity, but exactly where they want it in the mass mind. Safely ensconced in frozen compartmentalized suspended animation.

In plain reality of course it’s a very real conspiracy, and they’re clearly executing a stated agenda, one we’re fully aware of. Naturally they have to decry anything that opposes it.

What an obvious sham. But again, who’s looking?

We are!

What We’re Up Against

It’s a disinformation machine, spouting out whatever toxic spew it deems necessary at any given time. Keeping people in the dark is their number one job. Once you catch on to that you’re on your way to mental and spiritual freedom, but it takes some doing, and takes guts to openly see past the green screen projection we’re being fed.

As someone wisely said, “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”

Very true words indeed. Get past that stage and start to activate. Every one of us counts.


If we don’t respond consciously to this invasion on our kind we’re not worth our salt. Doing what we can restores confidence and an innate sense of who we are, and spurs many others on to do the same.

Pass it on. And on and on. Passionate communication is the key to empowerment at this point. Never downplay or delay that.

All of this is just for starters. The rest is up to you, and me. There are massively powerful spiritual weapons of mass construction at our disposal such as localized community activism – use them, and discover new avenues continually. We’re swimming in an ocean of possibility waiting to be tapped into and manifested.

There is nothing more empowering than that as I see it.

Hope you do too. It’s a wonderful opportunity for taking the initiative and making a massive difference.

See you there! Much love, Zen

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  1. I don't know how any unified action takes place. I never hear of them until they've ended and then only in the alternative press. The banksters effectively outlawed democracy, demonizing it in our minds, because our unity is their worst nightmare. "I hear good people mindlessly parroting their propaganda all the time ~ "Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding on lunch." No! Democracy is a theoretical government designed to DEFINE and fulfill the true will of the people. It will be millions of sheep in their easy chairs, peacefully deciding how to punish the few wolves in sheep's clothing who've enslaved them forever. What we call democracy today only supports the will of the psychotic elite. I call it demockery.

    Since science has proven that observation is manifestation, We must establish true democracy to define our will for all to know. Once We can all clearly see that we want the same things.(peace, freedom, justice, truth and prosperity), Our global observation will automatically begin to reverse the banksters' destructive competitive paradigm, (2) unite Us and (3) manifest our true will, which will be our prophesied thousand years of peace (paradise), because that's what we want.  Anything less will only fuel the psychopaths NWO nightmare.

  2. My take is that in the 60s we had a generation that was for civil rights and against the Vietnam War. The press was more open and free then. We had regular press conferences with the President. Daily news on deaths from the war were shown. There was a general voice to the term "Credibility Gap" then, meaning distrust of what Washington told us.
    Today Reagan did away with news coverage of any wars. We have a credibility gap today that is enormous, so much so that it is not even discussed in the media, far worse because society is closed off to free thought. We have a Credibility Chasm today.
    Areas deemed "No-Go" include:
    Vaccination damage, GMO toxicity, pharmaceutical damage, BPA damage, Contrail spraying damage, national debt issues, Fed policy,fluoride damage, news that makes Islam look bad, massive killing of Christians by Muslims, Obama policy of outlawing Christianity in the military. These issues rarely see the light of day in the media, and seem to have their opponents working hard to discredit any objections to them.