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Music – Find the Rhythm of your Soul

by Jules Louis Pitch

Find the Rhythm of your Soul with Music

It’s easy to appreciate the talent of our favorite singers and bands. Some vocalists sound like angels; whereas, some musicians seem like wizards by the way they are able to master their instruments. Nowadays, music is being produced and distributed more than ever before, and much of it is focused on materialism and the ego. We may think that only successful artists or talented musicians benefit from singing, writing, playing and listening to music, but this is simply not true.

Music plays an important role for every soul on Earth. Most of humanity is aware that music can uplift us and be a powerful source to alter our mood if we’re feeling down. We’ve all had tough times. Reflecting on your memories, there may be a few that you can easily recall when the perfect song came on exactly when you really needed to hear it. These occurrences may involve the assistance of our angels and/or loved ones on the Other Side.

The harmonic vibrations can touch us so deeply. It’s almost unthinkable to experience life on Earth without music. Imagine if the sun didn’t exist; it surely would be different here. It may be an unfair comparison, yet they both motivate and light us up in different ways.

As more and more souls awaken, many are starting to become conscious of the true power of music in much deeper terms related to healing and ascension. When we let go and begin to allow our self to sway with the vibrations, the movement is beneficial to our soul and spiritual development.

Here are five steps to find the rhythm of your soul with music. When you’re alone, try this process for 15 – 20 minutes:

5 Steps to Find the Rhythm of Your Soul with Music

1. Find a quiet space

2. Shut the lights off and close any doors.

3. Choose some of your favorite songs to move and sing along to. You may also consider finding some healing music without lyrics.

4. Close your eyes and let the music move you.

5. Try not to think too much. There isn’t anybody watching, at least in human form, so no need to be concerned about what you may look like or to feel the pressure to bust out any of your slick dance moves.

During this time, you can release any inhibitions you may normally have and allow yourself to learn to move to the music in ways that you haven’t before. Consider the process as a means to find the artist within you. Use your arms and body like a painter uses a brush. You may feel awkward or even silly, but don’t let your ego or insecurities get in the way. After repeating the five steps on a regular basis, you will notice that you benefit in several ways.

In addition, the basic form of drumming is also very powerful. Drum circles may be considered by many to be for hippies, etc. In truth, whether you drum by yourself or with others, it can be a very sacred ritual. Enabling ourselves to see music from different angles and perspectives can assist us in opening our minds to allow our hearts to find our true rhythm of our soul. Then, you can sing your own song and beat your own drum.

If you perceive that your voice sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard or a cat coughing up hairballs, please don’t let that prevent you from expressing yourself through your voice. This is an important part of ascension. You can balance, open and heal your throat chakra by:

~ Speaking your truth

~ Singing and/or chanting

~ Deep breathing

~ Wearing healing gemstones such as blue lace agate, lapis lazuli, sodalite and more

Listening to various types of music and vibrations can help us heal and deepen our spiritual connection to ourselves and to the collective as well as to our surroundings – both on the physical plane in material form and spiritually speaking. It also strengthens our connection to spirit – our higher self, angels, spirit guides and universal energies. Music can unite us and bring together souls with different opinions and perceptions.

Viewing music as a tool rather than just entertainment will enable us to benefit from its power. By raising our awareness, vibration and consciousness, we are more likely to recognize that musical vibration is a key component to our individual and collective development. With that being said, it is important to appreciate the important role music plays on the journey towards ascension.

It’s intriguing to consider the possibility that we are also able to enjoy music in other realms and dimensions. In the meantime, we continue to evolve by delving deeper within ourselves to uncover the many tools available to us, including music, which can help us find the rhythm of our souls.

About the Author
Jules Louis Pitch is a clairvoyant, healer, humanitarian, writer and speaker from Toronto, Canada. He founded and is currently developing, which is a non-profit movement focused on changing the world through selfless thoughts and actions, resulting in soul development, transformation and ascension.

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