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Magic Mushrooms Promote Positive Processing of Emotions

by Jordan
The Spirit Science

I found an article recently that depicted some absolutely incredible information! You’ll notice the way it’s presented demonstrates exactly the problem that limits us from fully immersing ourselves in this kind of information.

The article is called “Psilocybin inhibits the processing of negative emotions in the brain”… Notice how its focusing on the negative. Instead of saying “promoting positive processing of emotions”, the article words it very purposefully to deflect the full truth.

See, as you read through this article on sciencedaily you’ll notice all kinds of crazy in the language that they use.

“Researchers at the Psychiatric University Hospital of Zurich have now shown that psilocybin, the bioactive component in the Mexican magic mushroom, influences the amygdala, thereby weakening the processing of negative stimuli.”

The first time I read that, I actually thought there was a negative side effect to Psilocybin that was discovered, and I became rather interested in the subject matter to see what was actually discovered.

But as you continue to read, you’ll notice that they’re really just using a whole bunch of negatives to try and make something positive and healthy seem wrong and won’t acknowledge the profound effects it can have over people. It completely shifts your perspective on life if you allow it to.
The processing of emotions can be impaired by various causes and elicit mental disorders. Elevated activity of the amygdala in response to stimuli leads to the neurons strengthening negative signals and weakening the processing of positive ones. This mechanism plays an important role in the development of depression and anxiety disorders.

Psilocybin intervenes specifically in this mechanism as shown by Dr. Rainer Krähenmann’s research team of the Neuropsychopharmacology and Brain Imaging Unit led by Prof. Dr. Franz Vollenweider.
-Science Daily

Now, as the article ACTUALLY suggests, psilocybin shuts down the part of the brain that specifically processes and focuses on all of the negative thoughts and feelings. It literally silences that part of the brain, allowing you to process things in a more focused, positive way.

In fact, Psilocybin has now been demonstrated to increase mental connections in some very meaningful ways, as well as incredibly helpful in quitting smoking.

To learn more, although it comes off a little negative and confusing, check out the source article here.

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