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Proof Of Reincarnation? This Boy Can Remember Specific Details About His Previous Life As A Woman, Named Pam

by Alanna Ketler
Collective Evolution

Do you believe in reincarnation? Is it something that happens to our soul when we die? Do we move onto another life in a different physicality and continue our evolution as souls?

There are many different perspectives and opinions on this. There are also many religions based entirely around this concept, and amazingly enough, a lot of evidence that can directly support this theory.

Take Luke for example, a little boy who vividly remembers what appears to be a past life as a woman who died in the 70’s named, Pam.

“We shouldn’t define the soul by race or gender.”

Watch the video below to heard about Luke’s story.

Further Evidence About Reincarnation

Interestingly enough, this is not the first time that this has occurred. There are many children and adults worldwide who claim to remember their past lives. Sure, you could dismiss some of these quite easily as there is no real proof, but what about the others? What about the instances such as Luke’s who can remember such specific details about his former life that he would not have been able to know otherwise?

Here is a link for another story about a little boy who remembers so much of his past life as a World War II pilot that he actually gets reunited with his sister! There are just too many details that this boy would have had no way of knowing had he not lived the life that he describes.

Is it possible that this is coincidence? Well, maybe, if you believe in coincidence…

It does seem that these occurrences tend to happen more often to children. Is it because as children, it is closer to the time when they were alive in the past, so the memory of their former lives is more predominant? It seems often that children will try to tell us things that we perceive as nonsense, but what if we were to really start listening to them and make a real attempt to understand what they are trying to tell us?

If you have young children, after reading this you may be prompted to ask your children about their previous past lives and see what they say – the answer just might surprise you! Please feel free to share any stories in the comment section below!

Much Love

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  1. I have had a few "reincarnational lifetimes" ...that I was actually taken into and experienced a fraction of each, ... during deep meditation.
    These looked kosher, as even certified to by a friend who is a shaman.I now believe these are false movies. These are memory implants by some entity who was micromanaging my subconscious mind.For what purpose, I can only guess. These "reincarnational lifetimes" are stories that actually diverts me from finding who I truly am.,...from living in the NOW moment. For, even if these were true, (and I suspect these are make-believe movie clips) these lives serves me no purpose in this lifetime., because my mission here now is entirely different from the rest of my other purported other lifetimes. TIME TO CLOSE THIS GAME.

  2. I've noticed that unless the past life was cool or of someone famous, a lot of people won't claim them,---but kids seem to remember any and all, until they get ridiculed and scorned for talking about it, in which case they stop and usually forget after a while. I have remembered a lot of past lives and if you look for a recurring theme across them---that's where the lesson is. I'd be highly doubtful that some alien group would find it worth their while (if they even could) to 'plant' false memories in individuals--to what end? But if in remembering, some behavior or person seems to pop--chances are that's the msg. For me, I can see back to my previous spirit origins even, and can see how much being a human, has been a struggle because I was a predator previously, similar to a velociraptor, so 'group' and 'connection' are still something I don't like--makes me feel uneasy, but with the big predators, you rarely see more than one in an area, because they would over-hunt it. So for me, swimming upstream all these years and lifetimes as a loner (especially as a female who are usually well trained to be more social, and 'nice'), has been difficult, until I was able to realize that because of my origins, I will never be adept at 'herd', or clan' behavior, as I honestly have NO instincts (spirit memories) about it. My other family members were from a herd type origin and from day 1, they were always annoyed that I didn't know how to act 'properly' (like them and their herd). So remembering past lives has helped me see that for me 'aloneness' was the norm, so it of course feels way more natural than trying to fit in with a 'group' mentality that came sooo naturally to my other siblings. So essentially, I am not dysfunctional after all---simply different, and a LOT less prone to co-dependency. So, remembering for me has been very helpful!