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Multiple Religions Worshiping Under The Same Roof… Wait, What?!

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by Marc Angelo Coppola

The internationally unique House of Religions opened its doors on Sunday, where eight religious communities are going to live together under one roof. It is the first of its kind in this world, but hopefully not the last. This is the type of religious tolerance the world needs right now.

Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists now call this church home and the faiths celebrated on Sunday with thousands of visitors moving into a newly built glass building in the Europe Square in the west of Bern, Switzerland.

In a study on the development of the western districts of Bern, citizens demanded action against the marginalization of cultural and religious minorities in 1998.

“We were dreamers, utopians, do-gooders, ” said Guido Albisetti, president of the association.

According to the operators, the architecture of the building allows various communities to seek contact with each other, while also having their own respectful sacred space.
“Hatred never ceases through hatred in this world. Through love alone they cease. This is an eternal law. ” – Yamaka Vaga (Buddha)
With religious tension rising around the world, it’s nice to see some uplifting examples of love and compassion towards other faiths. Granted, this “temple” does look like a glorified shopping mall from the exterior, but on the inside you can see the unique charm each religion brings to the world. Visiting this church to pray to your god, inevitability makes you realize and acknowledge the god’s and worshipping practices of our brothers and sisters around the world.

It may not be everything we hoped for, but it’s a definite start towards a more harmonious future. These are the first baby steps towards religious tolerance and it’s breath of fresh air, given the surrounding atmosphere of religious hate. I hope this story inspires more people to see the world religions as separate paths that ultimately lead to the same as unity.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Would you like something like this in your town?

About the author
Marc Angelo Coppola - Having co-founded the Valhalla Movement Foundation – Marc is a character dedicated to having an impact. Defining success in unconventional measures he has earned a living by applying the skills of entrepreneurship and marketing for a cause. Marc is also the founder behind Superhero Academy - we strive to empower social entrepreneurs and sustainable business leaders to be bold - dynamic - engaging storytellers - aka everyday superheroes - that will change the world through their actions and the movements they help inspire. Marc thirst for exploring and the pursuit of new ideas and ways to growing the sustainability movement into a mainstream lifestyle is unquenchable.
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  1. BS !

    All symbols are the simbols of the Devil !

    God let us knows how stupid and perverse we are !

  2. Religion it is the argument to kill each other ! religion it is the Power that Be at any time and PTB it is the crime against humanity !
    religion it is not from God and doesn't represent him ! It is as to justify God giving him an ID ore the clearence by TSA !

    2000 years of the actual known religion has produced more than one billions crimes and victims, therefore it could'nt be used as argument to acceot any of those religions ! Criminal lunacy !
    Religion is the work of insanity of the Devil. !
    God don't needs nothing at all from us , no justification, not any explanation not any contribution he is everything and he is obviouse!
    The reste it is criminal hoax to justify all the misery in the world!

  3. The term religion comes from Latin "religare" that is reunite, us with the Divine... Why we need intermediaries or systems or dogmas or regulations to do that ?! Besides, this seems to be just what the Power That Was for the New World Order: One money, one government and one religion... This forced ecumenism is another tactic of manipulation !
    I founded my own "religion": The Interdimencional Churchcof the Sky's Geometry and my wife and kids live by it...