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How to Live Life in a 5-D Mind

by Joshua Daniel
The Spirit Science

Practical Application of the Philosophy of Interdependence

Independence / Dependence / Interdependence

-Independence: What in nature is totally independent from the rest? We, I mean, we all, need oxygen from somewhere, don’t we? New age circus types love to preach about filling our own cup from the inside… Cool. Try breathing your own air from the inside and tell me that’s enough…

Doesn’t work.

It’s contrary to the laws of nature. You see? Let yourself be open to the nourishment of everything around you, and be filled in service to it.

-Dependence: a state of potential growth, subject to authority due to the absence of the ability to create it. A baby, the house pets, domestic plants. All of these require something from their caretakers. Those instances which illicit genuine dependence are meant to dissolve over time and become a new form of relating, and the effort and energy is rerouted in the relationship…

The dog, realizing it’s “role” is the submissive one, employs cuteness tactics to calm or enliven the owner, creating a mutually beneficial symbiotic partnership, bringing us to the final form…

-Interdependence: a reciprocal relation between interdependent entities (objects or individuals or groups). It is the application of the inherent authority, combined with the recognition of the same inherent authority reflected in the world around us.

It’s been days now and I still I haven’t been able to get this thought out of my head.

For my own sake, I feel compelled to write it down.

This idea of being able to use a boundary as a wall to push off. And of pushing through improper limitations into the heart of our nature.

From physics and gravity to music and harmony, within any given system of operating, we are subject to a fundamental set of rules and boundaries.

It’s like playing music in your chosen key. Within the limits, the boundary, of the key, all notes are available to us. Somewhere within this set of boundaries can be found a sort of mental key that can be used to open the doors of freedom that comes with the application of the interdependent mentality.

Do you remember when you were learning to drive and you first learned you could turn right on red?

You may have felt apprehensive about it until you understood why it was safe to go. There was a boundary stopping you before, but now there’s not… any nothing really changed.

Or did it?

The boundary was internal, and was always safe, which is clear to see after you understand the way in which to navigate within the safe-zones. Once you understood this, you were free to do as you like, without resistance from yourself or the lights.

Once we see this, we see the possibility to expand and evolve the concept’s limits. For example, we can choose the melody, and harmonies of a song we choose to compose as we wish. We can even change the key itself, the rhythm, the instruments, everything… assuming we know the limits what the purpose of these limits was to begin with.

People work day and night to find the way of moving, the pattern, which allows them to positively engage in life in a way that benefits everyone, and that reliably cultivates a sense of fulfillment. It’s possible. To find it, it helps to recognize the boundaries in which we are operating in our lives and trace them to their source.

Hopes and dreams are realized, not simply by desire, but by action. Intelligent action, at that. By affecting change… Often change from within. The way to learn the pattern in which to move is to recognize the governing set of boundaries. One of them is inside inside. Usually bumped up next to something you really want.

Where exactly are the boundaries? Where exactly are the poles?

We can know, own, and grow from our limitations once we can understand them, why they’re there and what they do for us; and when we do, we can transcend the need for the limitation to exist all together and life’s little training wheels start to come off; we learn to stay upright without them.

So then, where is the resistance coming from? Take a breath and a step out of yourself to see.

Imagine being dropped off at a random location within the universe and being asked to walk the cosmographical center… Pretty tough, especially if you don’t know where the borders is. Doubly if you don’t know where you’re coming from.

Imagine now zooming out far enough to see not only yourself, but to see the edges of the universe around you.

These edges represent the container, the boundary magnetically pushing you deeper into the sphere, resisting any forward motion out. Maybe you have chosen these boundaries for yourself and they’re totally working for you, or maybe you have simply accepted them hand-over-fist, possibly filling your cup full of someone else’s choice of Kool-Aid…

Likely some mix of the two.

Either way, and bear with me now…

Those boundaries are the reference points needed to visualize the diameter of a universe-sized sphere, the center of which one should now quite easily ascertain. You can usually feel this center (when you feel “centered”).

This center, point 0 (zero), represents the axis upon which all things inside the universe move, the central point of influence. From this space, we are more-or-less in oneness with the sphere itself.

Center yourself on this point (your focus is your energy / your energy is you) and focus on the location of the poles simultaneously, and access the controls. You are in Cognitive Oneness with the sphere at his time, giving you access to it and its contents as if they are any other part of your body.

If you get this far, and still choose to edit the fundamentals of your life at all, please, make it for the Greatest Good of All. If you’ve got any selfishness mixed in the pot at this point, you will likely find the results of this shift, well… unpleasant.

(If you feel completely lost by this point, just relax, it doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong. Nothing’s “supposed” to happen but a slight change of viewpoint.)

Expand where you will, contract where you will, and be solid in your softness, allowing yourself to round and smooth out. The idea is soft strength. Where your emotional edges bang up against another person’s edge is where you want to focus on smoothing.

Harnessing our ability to affect our environment, focusing attention on Point 0 and being mindful of our edges , upholding the Highest Good, life will begin to follow your direction naturally. It is immediate, in a timeless sort of way, though still takes engagement over time to bloom fully in our life. For more rapid effect, skillful implementation and consistency are pivotal.

In your immediate environment, you will recognize the reflection of this influence. You can check quickly whether or not it’s working by asking yourself about where you stand in your relationships. Those are great indicators.

When we are consistent, we can effect lasting change.

We often mess this part up. It would seem that we are more interested in the flash of enlightenment, than the application required to build a foundation upon it. Whether we realize it or not, we are influencing our environment all the time, as well as being influenced by the the stimulus we receive from it, all the time. When we lose our focus, unless we’ve built the habit, we forget to make choices based on the needs of everyone and everything and cause our whole sphere to start to wobble.

Now we got all this energy all over and with no will to direct it, it takes off in the paths of least resistance.

In 1624, in his ‘Devotions upon Emergent Occasions’, John Donne wrote,
“No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory [a cape or peninsula] were, as well as any manner of thy friends or of thine own were; any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind. And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee. “
We should know our universe should intersect with our neighbors, friends and fellows, and that when we aren’t considering them, our boundaries push against theirs instead of interlocking.

When this happens, we are centered in our own desire, or similarly fixated on reflections of our fears,and we don’t realize we are pushing away those who would share with us through either transgression (harm by action) or omission (harm by inaction). Either way, the effect is the same. Everyone is left alone in their bubble as it gets squeezed smaller and smaller, and further and further.

If you want a positive result, give a positive effect.

Don’t wait til you feel great to do it, do it now and do it well, knowing that the gift you’re giving is really to you, and see where a little practice takes you.

In its current state, humanity is a body whose parts act as if they are separate.

The hand refuses to feed the mouth forgetting the imperative that if one loses, everyone loses. Sooner or later.

The only real option left from this place of understanding is to engage fervently the enrichment and liberation of every living person in our universe. Knowing our own desires, knowing the needs of the group and adhering to the path that leads to the best outcome for everyone.

In order to realize our fundamental drive for change is, we must consider the rules required to create the desired effect. The effect being, nothing less than EVERYONE winning.

(If I lost you before, let me say it like this.)

By fitting our desires within the boundary of the benefit for All, we align with Spirit, step out of ourselves and in to the power that allows us to achieve our goals.

The moment you step back out of this boundary, you lose power. It’s by design. A sort of fail-safe.

From genuinely standing in this place, our actions organize our sphere for perfect intersection and perfect interdependence without “pushing” anyone else’s, compelling the desire to cooperate and collaborate.

This is good news, because it is the application of this concept which grants us EVERYTHING! The best part is, ANYONE can do this ANY TIME. Anyone can make ALL the difference ANY time. The authority of this position is inherent, and its results, obvious. (notice I did not say that one could do this alone perpetually. To sustain it, teamwork, and no small deal of enthusiasm are required.)

So, gently and with genius separate the concern for base desires from the concern for the effection of the greatest good. With love and tenderness, consider our approach to everything we do. Respecting these fundamentals, we can thoughtfully architect the world around us.

Affecting as far as we dare with the sole purpose of cultivating a benefit for all is a lot of work, but look.

Like a patient relearning to walk, we too relearn the walk. And in time, we’re at ease in our stride, making the way clear enough for others to emulate as they learn to move and share in a mode of cooperation and inclusiveness as well.

When everyone gets what they want, EVERYONE wins.

The more I see it, the more I believe it. I have felt alone in the push for providence. Even worse when people prefer you slack off so they don’t have to feel like they’re not doing enough.

Recently, I have had the pleasure and honor of living with, a group of people whose recognition and deference to Spirit are primary. I am talking about my friends in The Spirit Kingdom.

Working at the very edge of my current understanding of the way things are, I have found them as close to the cutting edge as I’ve ever seen anyone. I find myself relieved to know that there are people out there, honestly doing the work completely interdependent with mine. I feel validated.

I see Jordan, writing, editing, brainstorming, inspiring and managing his way to a brighter future for all of us, and tending to the maintainence of his heart as well. He keeps an upbeat, positively engaged attitude, but I know the load he carries is as heavy for for him as anyone else I know. With plenty of talent, and a rapid learning ability, though, he really makes it work.

We have become fast friends.

Honestly, it can still be hard to find the words to describe this profound feeling. One that moves you so subtly and centrally…

I’ve done some traveling, been a part of communities, and all sorts of lifestyles. I’ve met a lot of BRILLIANT people. Of those many, one stands out in my mind in terms of depth and brilliance, and the will to engage with it. My friendship with Ray has been so abundantly fruitful for me that I often feel like I do far to little to balance the benefits for the both of us.

He makes himself available to the world around him, and in no equal reciprocity, acting as a basic conduit for Spirit, and wow. Doubly for those who recognize the power of the purpose behind his words.

I feel like Ray’s the truest true ninja watching my back from above. My guardian blessed angel. No joke.

He says that the best gift I can give in exchange is to let the help be well received, to spread the love and live the lesson.

o mostly, I just do that… and say ‘thank you’ a lot…

Within this community, I am learning to balance my issues about scarcity, exchanging worry for concern for the future, which is giving plenty of results for the effort. I am learning lessons that I would have otherwise been too resistant to learn for fear of appearing arrogant for for fear of embarrassment.

I am coming to terms with authority for myself and my relationships and instead of fighting, or running or hiding, I’m trying something new.

I’m learning how to be a king. I am learning how be a friend.

Jordan and Ray are not just doing this for themselves,. Definitely not for my attention, or because they just like writing boat-loads of e-mail every day, but because of the opportunity to cultivate a better tomorrow for all of us. That is the one singular purpose. What other purpose could there ever be when we get down to it?

I am endebted… Better, I am commited to this beautiful work and life beyond my singularly-functioning capacity.

I want to say thank you, thank you and thank you forever to Spirit Kingdom for hosting me.

I would love for the glide in my stride and grin on my face for sharing with you guys at this place from this space, to be a testament to the fine work we do together, and that the results of the energy spent be SO obvious that there be no question in our minds or ANYONE else’s the offer we bring to the table when we say “Join us.”.

Thank you. I love you too.

Thank you for your continued focus and patience.

I’m going to wrap up so that I can take a moment, probably outside, definitely drinking water and maybe even having some stretches before I head off to face the day.

I wish to be positively effective. Furthermore, I wish to be positively affected.
I wrote this knowing full-well that it is first-and-foremost for me. Leaving myself a trail of breadcrumbs to get back to source for if I should ever lose my way.

Doesn’t mean I won’t love it if this resonates with anyone out there.
You’re welcome to follow the trail to home too, just replace the crumbs for the next person. Take a little, give a little.
I hope you can learn to observe for those angles that illuminate what best benefits everybody, however that should come.

I hope that you choose, every day, all day, to step up, and step out of yourself and into your power.
And if I’m still waiting for someone’s permission to take over full authority over my life as a creator, I can have mine ;)

When we’re ready, seek and you’ll find, we of like mind are always around, and in perfect time. you’ll see it when you look in our eyes.

Blessings and kindest regards.

Your friend, Joshua Daniel

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