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8 Ways To Tell If The Honey Is Natural Or Fake

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Since we can buy honey almost everywhere, sellers use this availability to sell honey that is not 100% natural. Fortunately, in this article you will learn how to tell if the honey is natural or not.

The first step that can help you find out if the honey is natural is reading the composition of the back of the jar. The manufacturer must specify the composition of honey and its percentage of quantity.

Natural honey is not sticky. You can test this by putting a little bit of honey between your fingers. Rub a little bit – natural honey will absorb into your skin. If the honey becomes sticky while rubbing it, it means that it contains sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Place a few teaspoons of honey in a pot then heat it at high temperature. The natural honey will be caramelized, while the fake one will become foamy and full of bubbles.

By dropping several drops of honey onto a paper you can reveal the cleanliness of the composition. After a while, if the honey is absorbed into the paper, then it is a real honey. Honey that has a lot of water in its composition will break through the paper in a few seconds.

Place some honey near ant colony. If the ants are attracted to the honey that means the honey is natural.

Put some honey in water. If the honey hardens and falls to the bottom of the cup, it means that it is real. While the fake honey will dissolve in the water.

The feeling of stinging inside the mouth and feeling of burned tongue says that honey is natural, fake honey does not have such effects.

Natural honey will become heavier after you have spread it onto a slice of bread. Fake honey will only wet the bread’s surface.

Source: healthyfoodstar
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