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Exploring The Universe Through The Chakras – Our Interdimensional Travel System To Self

by Nadine Grant

The chakras are energy vortexes, in Sanskrit, Energy wheels or discs that preside over certain power fluctuations within our soul’s cellular imprints. Those who work with their energies and the energies of others, know that in order to heal the body, the mind and the very seed of our souls - the doorways to those trails of potential evolution are located within the chakras. We travel the universe interdimensionally and flout the rules of time when we explore the chakras in the meditative state. Any issues in life – health, addiction, mental clarity or lack thereof, anger management problems, social anxiety, repeated experiences of sexual abuse, whatever the core underlying experience one is having difficulty with, can be attributed to an energy that is blockading or influencing one or more of these centres.

Life-force imbalances exist in energy form until they are manifested physically in order to achieve some level of vibrational symmetry within the being. Which is why it is important to journal and meditate and contemplate our own energies, regularly, so that we can remain balanced and in alignment with who we are. Life is more fluid when we shed our layers as snowflakes during contemplation rather than manifesting them as avalanches in life. The path to totality with the self is an unremitting assignment in stripping away everything that we are not and we greatly reduce our level of suffering in the world by understanding the fundamentals of the chakra system. They play such a huge part in our evolution and yet they are often perceived as an insurmountable barrier - causing many seekers to break or end completely, the passage to self.

Into the Chakras: Gateways to the Inner Worlds

Some of the deepest soul scars reside in the chakras and to unearth the layers, one must begin to traverse the deepest echelons that make up the total experience of the Self. This means, to enter in full conscious awareness, but surrendering to the experience in the moment. “A foot in both worlds” as the shamans would say. Once in the meditative state, grounded, centred and ready for travel into the void, bringing all conscious awareness to the chakra one feels holds the most emotional energy, allows the seeker to travel the worlds within the chakras. If you are having a string of bad luck financially, bring awareness to the root chakra; lessons in love? Focus on the heart chakra. Personal power and intuition imbalances, focus on the solar plexus and third eye chakras.

And to focus, simply means, to hold your consciousness in that spot. It’s a feeling of being aware of that area of your being, without physically sighting the area or touching it. This very exercise of examining the body for energies is what strengthens the third eye and intuitive faculties and concurrently, our healing forces.

In addition to clairvoyance, this method of healing uses clairaudience, clairsentience and empathy and builds up the neural receptors so that it becomes easier with practice. Like any method well practiced, the technique will build bridges between intuition and logic, creating a magical symbiosis of harmonized energy – which occasionally you will hear, humming away within.

An early experience of the root chakra showed me a long forgotten memory – a still and quiet scene that had a shimmery, mercury overlay to the whole thing. It was akin to being a star in a black and white film, but with an ominous and foreboding feeling that saturated the entire experience. From my perspective (lay on my back on a woodland floor) my view would only permit me a vision of tree tops blowing slowly in a gentle breeze. The view of the dull, cloudy sky through the trees added deeper darker layers to the grim atmosphere. It was to be another six months until the pieces came together for this vision. That what I was envisioning was my own death in a previous incarnation.

Murders, sexual abuses, shames and guilt’s – all of the shadowy stuff we don’t want to deal with reside in the centres. These are the kinds of energies that block and hinder our development if left unresolved. Fascinatingly, all that’s needed to heal a chakra is to view/feel/sense and (or) acknowledge the living contents. The very act of viewing energy, moves and transforms energy, which is finally been reflected in modern science. The observation of particles and energy, causes the observed particles to behave differently. Repressing our thoughts, feelings, experiences and inner truths all serve to create a stagnant flow of life force, whereas liberating the energies by keeping an open channel creates a lightness of spirit that cannot adequately be explained in words.

The Horror Within Creates the Illusion Outside

There are many who state that in fact, the reason we feel so out of control in our lives, is because the chakras control our fate. Which is a fine line of reasoning. They can drag us around like puppets on strings making us feel very out of control and limited to victimhood perception if left unchecked. However, the need for control is strictly an ego mechanism. Humans are excellent at distracting themselves with illusion, which is nothing more than a self-assembled structure to stay small. Change can be daunting. But what is more daunting, is the fear-of-fear mentality which spreads to excess from human to human. Fear-of-fear will have us hushing and disregarding anything which challenges us to grow, including our own chakras.

There has been much to do about chakra removal and the chakras being implants and whatnot. The truth is so often much more uplifting. That we do not need to control outside elements as much as shed light on inner aspects of our being. This brings clarity to what we are supposed to be doing from a personal standing, figuring out our own motives and intentions. It also helps us to transcend duality.

*Seeing* ourselves through our third eye shows us where our own moralities lie. We cannot possibly judge others when we have seen ourselves as the murderer/the murdered, the rapist/the raped. The Unseen Architect of life will have us judging others if we are not aware of ourselves. To gain clarity into the soul and intuiting where our own personal journeying is leading us is so much more valuable than falling into yet more fear patterns that only serve to keep us in the resonation of energies which have been running the show thus far.

Demonising the chakras and creating a reality that they are yet another element of ourselves to be feared and repressed, helps nobody and only stems from a misunderstanding of how to work with the energies within them.

Gaia has her own chakras, the universe no doubt has energy centres with which to release and transmute all lower energies as well as being portals to other worlds. It would be prudent of each of us to use our own travel systems to heal our timelines rather than allowing ourselves to be dwarfed by yet more erroneous fears.

Everything unnecessary and illusory falls away from us when we recognise once and for all how energy truly works. We create our own demons. Yet those demons can just as easily be healed as they can be fed.

About the author:
Nadine Grant, Clairvoyant Medium, Writer, Activist and Sustainable fashion designer
Blog: http://indigobluepsychicreadings.blogspot.co.uk/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/IndigoBlueUK

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