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Director of the upcoming movie Beginning of a New Era tells us that we are the change!

Interview of Olli Ylinen for

Olli Ylinen is 32 year old filmmaker living currently in Finland. His passion is to make films that rise consciousness and expand the mind and heal the heart. He also works as a Ceremony Master in Finland, using cacao in a medicinal way.

Interviewed by Pirjo Hilakari 8/8/2014 in Helsinki.

Hi Olli, tells us about Beginning of a New Era, when did the idea of the movie take birth, and how?

Yes, the idea for Beginning of a New Era started to shape in my mind in 2011 Portugal Rainbow Gathering, where I was making a documentary called Thank You Rainbow.

I had been Interested in the Mayan Prophecies and the ending of the long-count calendar for quite some years already, but there I got the idea to go filming into a world Rainbow Gathering in Mexico 2012. To combine this into the ending of the long-count calendar...

Why did the Mayans and their prophecies of interest to you?

Somehow they have always been an interest to me... I guess their accuracy with the prophecies, like they had a prophecy of the coming of the Westerns already 500AD, and it was only 1 year wrong of time when the Spanish actually arrived on their lands... Also they were experts in stargazing and knew a lot about the spiritual ascension of the men.

The Mayans were masters of time and knew how to look at the world from the fifth dimension, we will be explaining more of this in the movie and also telling stuff about the Mayans that are of great interest to us.

Also the Hopi Indians had a prophecy about these times, when the earth is dying etc. And then the races will be coming together to take action to save the world.

How the production team was formed and found each other?

Mostly people were drawn because of the subject and the amount of light the film was generating... It was totally a new kind of movie being made by the team.

Why crowdfunding is one form of financing?

Well, because basically It's quite challenging to get money to make a movie! The film Finnish foundation didn't give us money for the productionso here we are, with a burning desire to make this film no matter how it goes. But in this way we also ensure to get to keep the final cut rights and make the movie that serves the wish of the spirit the best way.

Personally, I really hope this crowdfunding campaign takes off, because this a chance for people also to “buy” movies they want to see, and vote with their donations.

How did you get that people such as Diana Cooper and Foster Gambe from THRIVE?

Foster was on the same location in Mexico, at Chichen Itza during the Winter Solstice so it felt natural to ask him, he had good and important things to say. Diana we went to Interview on her place in England. She was one of the Angel ladies that was resonating for a long time already...

How did you choose the locations and all the places you visited? What places and encounters were the most memorable?

Olli Ylinen, Director of the
film Beginning of a New Era
I Guess Mexico... And Guatemala also... Yes, there the flow took us to so many magical places, we visited almost 10 different Mayan pyramids. And on the journey visiting some of the most beautiful places I have ever been, and meeting some very special people... Like in Palenque there were hidden ruins and one of the tour guides turned out to be really anti-government and tellings us about the hidden history of the Mayans... Also, with resonance you tend to meet the right people on the journey, someone would call it magic, but for me it is attraction and synchronisity.

Was it all happening in a flow?

Well... not really, but in a bigger sense yes, it has been a higher vision taking place, but sometimes the flow got lost and we had to think what to do next... but somehow then we again ended up to right places and to people... So it has been guided from above, like the journey of the mankind I feel.

What in this movie project has been the best?

Every day is so different... I loved the filming, being there with the camera, and all these special places and people... and Mexico, I just fell in love with Mexico! And also Guatemala... in Guatemala I got to know Cacao as a ceremony plant... which I have brought also to Finland and started organizing ceremonies with it here... But also I love the work phase in Finland, now we have gone public and I can feel the dance with the universe... co-creation...and I'm already very enthusiastic about the editing phase... Because we have so talented editor so I just cant wait to get to work with her... in the Autumn that is.

Actually all the process of the film has given me so much, as a person also, and also in my spirituality. It's all connected, more and more, and also this film can no longer be described just as a work. If it has ever been, more like a passion and a higher calling.

The film is now almost completely filmed and the post-production phase is going. What can happen in the near future, or is happening to the completion of the movie?

Well, when the indiegogo campaign is finished, we will start the editing in the Autumn. Then after the edit is gone, next winter/spring, we will be going into Sound Design & Colour Correction phase... So the film will be ready in Summer 2015. And then hopefully we will have somekind of festival round before the Internet release. :)

What does this film and completion of it means for you, the production team and the world?

I have seen visions that this film will be a bridge between many light circles that are already taking place on the world... For me personally, it is a very growing project, being with these energies every day... And it is also showing me that this kind of movie is wanted to see in the world today... Sometimes I feel so pioneer that is it too far I am with the rest of the people? But what to do, I'm Aries in my horoscope so gotta cope with that ;) No, but really, I think and feel more and more that the world and the people are ready for this film and are longing for a positive change. :)

What kind of expectations do you have to film? When it comes to the premiere and where?

Premiere will be in Finland. Why not other countries also? :)

I hope the film gets to be made and a lot of people will get to see it. Simple as that. :)

What is your own view of the world?

I see that the world is changing... and the best way to make a good life is to change yourself.. your way of thinking and your own life... what are the small changes that need to be done in your life that could make it better?
That's the best way you can affect the rest of the world.
May sound like Cliche but as Gandi put it : “Be the change you want to see in the world”, and hey, that's also so Fun!

What is Spirituality to you and what kind of person you are?

My Approach to spirituality is quite shamanistic... and I'm also a Reiki Teacher... so combining these two... with a lot of studies of psychology and different ideas and teachings in the background... coming together in the art...

I try to be as good person as I can in this lifetime. Of course I have my shadows and weak parts as we all have, but that's life and worth accepting... Growing as a person day by day, and surrendering to the calling of the spirit to do my share in this lifetime... and also of course to enjoy life to the maximun! :)

How much are we willing to take in from life?... :)

Olli Ylinen, Director of the film Beginning of a New Era

Now you have a chance to make the day's good deed by supporting this movie, at the same time ensuring that this movie gets ready.

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