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These Amazing Photos Of A Little Girl Growing Up Alongside Wild Animals In Africa Will Blow You Away

by Anthony Selden
Elite Daily

You know those videos on YouTube of kids teasing dangerous animals through the glass at the zoo? They’re no longer impressive due to this incredible photo collection of a little girl named Tippi photographed growing up alongside wild animals in Africa. Both of the girl’s parents are nature photographers, which explains everything.

Prior to Tippi being born, her French parents relocated their family to Namibia, Africa. This is where the little girl was able to make friends with some of the world’s most feared and admired animals like lions, tigers and cheetahs. She also hung out with elephants and zebras.

Instead of having their daughter grow up around peer pressure, drama and toxic preschool friends, her parents’ chose a completely different route. The best part is that they captured the photos and chose to share their daughter’s childhood with the world. How selfless! Check them out below.

H/T: NegPoz, Photos courtesy of Tippi: My Book Of Africa

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  1. these pictures are amazing! i feel like we were sent a special gift just to see them. makes me want this glowing child. what a wonderful life...beautiful animals....what a wonderful world it would be... thanks!

  2. There is hope for us after all.