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A New Year to Focus on Creating

We have arrived at the end of another year. What was your year like? Did you find ruts, speed bumps, smooth sailing, worries prevailing, laughter echoing, or maybe even love blossoming? Perhaps it was a combination of them all? I think I reflected on periods of all of those.

We have to remember to lean into the positive and lean back from the negative. We have to react to the energies. We have to be aware. We have to be in this moment right now, fully engaged. If we are not conscious of where our energy is flowing, it is definitely being directed away from us and being consumed to strengthen the matrix.

We are facing the battlefield in every decision that we choose and then reinforce it with action. This is our power individually and collectively. You, your neighbor, the quiet co-worker, the laughing child, the smiling grandmother, worn soul, peaceful soul, loving soul, fearless soul… we are creating our world and interacting with the matrix in every moment.

The moment… NOW… is the weapon. Your decision of direction is the trigger. Your energy is the force.

But you have to be brave enough to pull this trigger consciously. Living a conscious life means we take consequences and direction of energy into account for our decisions… our moments. Honestly, thinking of it as a trigger on a weapon can feel a bit cold. Then you realize the power of this weapon for creating the most compassionate flow of energies you can imagine.

So, as you sit back and wind down from the holidays and reflect on the last year… consider that power. Consider your artistry and take a long hard look at the canvas propped up before you. How does that creation before you reflect your image of the world you imagine experiencing? What do you see in your mind’s eye when your soul peers through your eyes at this world we are creating together? Do you see connections between the two?

What have you been creating?

What decisions have you been making without giving much thought to them? What does the moment before a direction is chosen mean to you? Do you remember it? Do you understand where you are directing your energies? These questions help me to remain aware and mindful of my energies … decisions.

Every moment we are creating. Each decision is like sending a shockwave that ripples across the matrix and our soul net. We have at least two battlefields which can be seen overlaying one another. We have this physical world and this matrix we are being manipulated to keeping our energy flowing into and we have our soul net which is the interconnectedness of all – consciousness. We have to starve the matrix the best we can with self-sufficiency and community strength and we have to send our energy towards that which we want to see in the world and raise our consciousness.

We cannot create on doubts. We have the wisdom available to us. We just have to break open the locks on that trunk within and just open up. The rest will flow, even if it feels like a raging river. The roots run deep from which we are anchored and we are steadfast in unity. Find your courage in knowing you are powerful. This is your responsibility. This is your purpose. Taking responsibility for it willfully is the only way.

Start fresh. Don’t change what we have. Create from your heart upon a blank canvas.

With each decision you make and each moment you experience, just remember that canvas before you. Are you feeding the control matrix or are you applying colors to your canvas? Take your power back from the matrix and direct more energy towards your canvas. We have to reach out and touch the other souls and stir them to their blank canvases. As more of us take our creative powers back, then we begin to see this amazing mosaic being created by us collectively.

So, what are you contributing to this mosaic? Perhaps this single thought in the coming year is enough to spark more Love and Light.

Be aware and choose wisely. Reach out and lock arms. Reinforce our creative net and keep raising it higher.

Much Love,

Source: Love Responds

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