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War Is Coming – My Warning to My Family

[I thought I'd share this to emphasize the seriousness of what we're about to enter into, and that it's time to warn family and friends about the precarious nature of where we currently stand in this insane world. Whether this happens now or later, the lessons are the same. Prepare. Be alert. Tell others.

I felt pressed to say this in an immediate sense. I don't like to alarm the kids and my family but most know how I feel about things. They have their lives and I respect that. But this latest pressure to share this was very intense and something I want to share with others as well.

As I've said many times before: Please be prepared. - Zen]

by Zen Gardner

Hi everybody. Sorry I’ve been out of touch, getting hit with mail program problems and then a barrage of issues here, but all’s well.

I feel pressed to let you know this Syria war thing is about to blow – and it won’t be pretty. They may need to stage another 9/11 type thing to get the population behind it but either way they’re preparing to go in and soon. China and Russia have said they won’t allow it, so it could escalate quickly into something ridiculous, but hopefully not.

Just a simple word of caution once again. As I’ve said before, please get food supplies, water supplies and access routes to friends and what you’ll need in place; and be ready for anything. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Food is good, supplies are good, preparation is good.

No harm done.

The repercussions of this next maniacal geopolitical move, with so many worldwide seeing thru the staged idiocy of it, will be very different from the Egypt and Libya invasions and massacres. They’re going for Iran, and need the western populace to support it, that’s what worries me. The US government’s losing support by the day and the polarization gets more severe. Concurrently the economy as you all know is on the precipice of total collapse. Something like this could trigger several severely delicate situations all at once.

Don’t fear, tense up or worry. Just please prepare however you can so you can have that satisfaction that you did what you could; you acted responsibly for your family.

“It’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.” Nothing lost by conscious, responsive action. In fact, with rising food and preparation materials costs, it’s money ahead!

I love you all – please take heed. I know you think I’ve always been too alarmist about things but if you just scan the news right now you’ll see this is true.

Life is not a drill. We just have to do our part and respond according to the signals we’re getting. This latest batch from the “military industrial complex” is not unclear in the least as to what they’re up to.

They’re going in. Please prepare.

Love, Dad
Source: www.zengardner.com

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