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The Spock Effect – Seeding Reptilian Transhumanism

I was thinking about Star Trek and their wand-waving healing technology and other messages and technological “precursors” they got into. Thinking about the scientific and technological advancements the show glorifies, my mind wandered immediately into how the Vulcan humanoid Mr. Spock is a featured hero in that show as a model of “dispassionate and clear scientifically based thought” as opposed to “emotional” and “unpredictable” human nature which he continually rags on.

That’s a pretty clear message in light of what we know about the cold, lower density reptilian types and their non-empathic mentality and predatory war on humanity.

Spock has no empathy, no compassion. He cannot grasp human nature, yet he often “saves the day” with his superior intelligence. Were they “softening us up” for this rapid onset of this cold, transhuman reptilian mind-driven future we’re now embarking on?

It’s rampant now, and our kids are the most susceptible to it of all. Very disturbing.

What Is Transhumanism?

This subject is increasingly discussed but it is of the utmost importance to understand and beware of. It is manipulation of the human condition of the worst sort, in an attempt to extinguish our connection with our spiritual nature and hence empowerment, while instead making us more linear and technologically controlled in the guise of beneficial scientific advancement.

Yes, it’s beneficial. But for whom? It’s defined in this manner:

Transhumanism (abbreviated as H+ or h+) [clever label - as if it's an established enhancement - b.s. -ed.] is an international cultural and intellectual movement with an eventual goal of fundamentally transforming the human condition by developing and making widely available technologies to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities.Transhumanist thinkers study the potential benefits and dangers of emerging technologies that could overcome fundamental human limitations, as well as study the ethical matters involved in developing and using such technologies. They predict that human beings may eventually be able to transform themselves into beings with such greatly expanded abilities as to merit the label “posthuman”.

This is pretty freaky stuff, but it’s right not just on our doorstep, it’s alive and well in every facet of our industrial lives. In fact your kids and/or grandkids are buying into this agenda as we speak via the cybernetic takeover.

Note the occult connections to transhuman cybernetics via both Spock and these robed creatures

More Star Trek Foreshadowing

The Return of the Archons (yes, you read right) episode of Star Trek is rife with predictive programming, as can be found in myriad media productions of all types. It’s particularly poignant in light of the transhuman trend as well as the takeover of artificial intelligence that’s all the rage amongst social engineers. Here’s how it goes.

Our intrepid trekkers…

Find the inhabitants of Beta III (who seem to be modeled after 19th-century Earth) are a very static culture, with little or no individual expression or creativity. The entire culture is ruled over by cloaked and cowled “lawgivers”, controlled by a reclusive dictator known as Landru. The only time the people “let loose” is at the striking of “The Red Hour” (at 6:00pm), starting “Festival”: a period of violence, destruction and sexual aggressiveness which apparently is the only time Landru does not exercise control over them.

Kirk’s landing party beams down just before the festival, and they seek shelter from the mobs at a nearby boarding house. Landru seems to be “all-seeing” and “all-knowing” with spies everywhere, one of whom turns in the party when he does not recognize them as members of “The Body”: the telepathic collective being, symbiotic with Landru, that most of the inhabitants belong to.

Kirk and his team are eventually rendered unconscious by ultrasonic waves and captured. However, Reger, the owner of the house, is a resistance member and offers protection to Kirk and his team. Reger reveals that Landru “absorbs” selected people into The Body, which was the fate of the Archon‘s crew, and will also be the fate of the Enterprise‘s landing party. The Enterprise itself is now stuck in a decaying orbit as intense heat beams prevent it from using its engines.

Kirk and First Officer Spock discover that the reclusive Landru is actually a computer sealed inside an ancient chamber, created 6,000 years ago by a Betian scientist and philosopher. The original Landru only wished to create a way to help his failing society achieve peace. The computer that bore his name was the solution – but it performed its job soullessly and ruthlessly.

Kirk and Spock manage to convince the machine that running the planet as it has been is wrong and the people are being kept as uncreative slaves. They manage to convince the machine that it has violated its own prime directive. The machine realizes its mistake and self-destructs, thus freeing the people of Beta III. Kirk agrees to leave Federation advisors and educators on the planet to help the civilization advance, free of Landru’s dominance.

Enough said? This is everything they’re working towards, but always making it look like they’re the good guys who would benignly use this technology were it in their hands. Sure they would.

Transhumanism and the Engineered Singularity

The term singularity has a few meanings, one of which is the takeover of humanity by artificial intelligence. I find that a very clever manipulation in that it implies an inescapable, unavoidable move into a fully non human technologically controlled world grid. How convenient.

There will come a day when technology and biology will become so intrinsically linked that we will no longer be able to function in society without the aid of synthetic enhancement. This ‘step forward’ in evolution has been coined ‘The Singularity’. This is the pioneering vision by Raymond Kurzweil, inventor, author and futurist. The main tenet of Kurzeweil’s theory is while technology is increasing exponentially, biology only increases incrementally. With the ever-increasing symbiosis with technology, in a few decades it will not be possible physically to keep up with the demands of technology without incorporating nanotechnology and synthetic bioenhancement into our bodies. (Source)

The move into transhumanism has been accelerating until we’re now virtually already living in a Skynet scenario as portrayed in the Terminator movie. One only has to look at drone technology and its rapid deployment, or DARPA’s robot soldier plans to know this is true, never mind the Orwellian surveillance grid. The use of chip implants is already in progress.

All that awaits is to make it all mandatory under a total police state umbrella. But that too is happening in increments.

The other definition of singularity, its original sense before the term was hijacked by social engineers, has to do with such a rapid increase in knowledge and information that mankind takes a huge evolutionary step and moves into a type of other dimensional understanding and reality. A massive change in consciousness.

In other words, a good and profoundly empowering change.

Do the dark entities and their minions know this and are trying to head it off at the pass with their orchestrated attempts to engineer their own singularity? One in which humankind is drastically reduced in numbers and absolutely subjugated? Does this also explain our deliberately toxified environment to try to thwart our awakening and thus empowerment by dumbing down and attempting to biologically and electronically control our bodies and minds?

Is all this leading to a massive depopulation program leaving them in charge of a transhuman drone like slave labor force working at their beck and call?

You be the judge. But don’t wait too long to decide. If it’s true the plan is not just at your doorstep, it’s in your living room, your car, your TV, your refrigerator and running amok in your phone and computers.

It’s time to make up your mind and act accordingly.

They can never win without our permission. Disentangle, disengage and disavow any and all of your ties to the beast and its matrix.

Our freedom is not theirs to take, or grant.

It just is. Exercise it…and stay clear of their paralyzing fear sirens.

Love, Zen


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