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How to Avoid Fluoride in Water and Toothpaste

By Matt Hall

Most people assume that fluoride in the drinking water is actually a good thing. They have been told by dentist that adding fluoride to their water help strengthen their teeth and promote mental health. However, what they don’t know is that fluoride in water can cause numerous terrible health problems. From something as simple (but socially challenging) as discolored teeth to serious birth defects, numerous studies have proven that fluoride can cause severe problems. So what are health conscious people supposed to do? Is fluoride in the water we drink, bathing, and cook with simply an inescapable part of modern life?

Fortunately, no. There are several steps we can take to minimize our exposure to fluoride so that we and our children do not accidentally ingest too much. Here’s how to limit your exposure to fluoride and protect your children’s teeth.

Avoiding Fluoride in Water

Avoiding fluoride in water takes a little bit of work because most places fluoridate their water. That means the water coming out of the tap already has fluoride in it. This causes a major health risk, especially for infants. If you live in an area that puts fluoride in the tap water, you can avoid it in several ways:
  1. First, you can avoid fluoride in tap water by drinking spring water. Note that this doesn’t mean you can drink any kind of bottled water! Some companies add fluoride to their bottled water, basically making it the same as tap water. Instead of just buying any bottle, make sure you buy and drink only pure spring water. Check the bottle to make sure that the fluoride content is less than 0.2 ppm (parts per million). If the bottle doesn’t have this information on the label, you can call the company or check this page on popular brands of spring water.

  2. Next, a simple solution is to install a high-quality water filter on your faucet. What are filters can inexpensively filter fluoride out of water. However, you need to do your research to find a water filter that is designed with this purpose in mind – at least in part.

  3. Finally, if you have the funds, you can distill your own water. Distilling water require special equipment, but it is shown to be effective in reducing fluoride levels to safe amounts. Usually, water distillers cost between $200 and $1000.
How to Avoid Fluoride Toothpaste

While water is pretty difficult to avoid, fortunately fluoride-free toothpaste is much easier to find. Simply shop in a natural food store, or the online, and look at the ingredients in the toothpaste. You may even be able to find non fluoridated toothpaste at your local supermarket.

Watch Out for This Hidden Fluoride Danger!

A lot of people go to a lot of effort in their attempts to stay fluoride free. They invest in the right equipment to purify their water and use non fluoridated toothpaste. However, there’s one simple mistake a lot of people make it still exposed to dangerous levels of fluoride.

That mistake? Using tap water to brush their teeth and wash. Using tap water on your toothbrush with your non fluoridated toothpaste actually exposes you to fluoride.

The way around this is to either install a filter that purifies all the water coming into your home or to not use tap water brush your teeth.

The fluoride levels in much of the tap water in North America exceeds the establish safe amount of 2 ppm. That makes it dangerous. However, taking the steps above can keep you and your family safe from dangerous fluoride levels. Begin to protect your family from over-fluoridation today. Your child’s teeth will thank you.
Source: undergroundhealth

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