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How Negative and Positive Energy impact your Health

In many of my articles, I have mentioned that everything in this world is made out energy. Some of this energy moves in and out of our bodies while transferring information with it.

The two types of energies we possess are negative and positive energy. The positive energy will make us feel happy, energized, full of life, inspired, motivated, and healthy; while the negative energy on the other hand makes us feel tired, unhappy, sad, depressed, and angry but the extreme volume of negative energy will create sickness.

There are two ways we can acquire those energies; either we create our own by the way we think, speak, and act, and we can receive it from an outside source by touching anything like; a person, an object, an animal, a plant, or a tree.

The energy in our bodies creates our auras. The aura extends outwards a distance away from the body which transfers information with everything it touches. Psychic people are very sensitive to these energies and are able to easily pick up the information within those energy fields.

 Every time you are in the presence of people, energy transfer will happen between all the participants. If the predominant energy is positive you will feel energized, inspired and happy, but if the predominant energy is negative you will be robbed out of your positive energy leaving you drained and exhausted.

Negative or positive energy vibrations can also be transferred through objects. For example; if a negative person uses a pen constantly, the pen will receive a dose of negative energy every time it’s being used. After a long period of time this pen becomes saturated with negative energy. If for some reason you inherit this pen, the negative energy will be transferred to your body every time you pick it up. So you would feel tired or uncomfortable after using it. You might want to cleanse your antiques as soon as you get it home to release any negative energy imprint left from their previous owners. The positive energy works the same way; if a person with positive energy uses an object, and you pick it up you will feel good about it.

Energy signatures or imprints from other people on objects, can be released, and replaced by another person’s energy signature after a period of time by osmoses of being in the presence of that different person. The time it will take to release this energy depends on the amount of unwanted negative energy it possesses.

Meditation is a technique used to release negative energy from the body which works well for a lot of people. Science has already claimed that the stress can create illnesses in our bodies; like blood pressures, heart failure, stomach ulcers and other problems. Stress is a form of negative energy created through the social aspect of life especially work, and family pressures. But if you understand how these energies affect your life you might want to do something about it to keep yourself healthy, and out of the doctor’s office. But if you are already dealing with a form of sickness there is a way to help yourself become healthier using this form of energy transfer healing explained in my next article called "How to Use Auric Energy for Healing" .
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