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Illuminati globalists attempting to corner budding commercial marijuana market

More details surfaced Sunday quietly revealing how global elites plan to capitalize on the growing movement toward marijuana decriminalization.

As the way in which a society conducts itself and the rules people are expected to follow, or the level of tyranny the people allow an establishment to impose, continues to fluctuate, in the ebb and flow of human life on planet Earth, there are always individuals feeling compelled to attempt capitalizing on the resulting large-scale opportunities that present themselves. It has also been historically true and widely understood those already in positions of great wealth and power are usually best able to take the most advantage and have continued to do so throughout the ages.

At the same time, the vast majority of recorded history's largest and most notable man-made events and resulting changes in philosophy and law and with whom reaps the lion’s share of the wealth and power in the process, despite how badly the average American would like to think otherwise, for all intents and purposes has been planned and carried out from beginning to end, as much as humanly possible, more specifically by the same overarching family bloodline structure that has been at the helm for millennium.

Throw in a printing-press, an Age of Enlightenment, a resulting explosion in world population and an American Revolution however and you’ve now forced the ruling elites of the ancient world to transfer much of that wealth and power into institutions, corporations, governments, intelligence agencies and, of course, media, in order to remain in power and thus they largely have. Anyone that wishes to dig a little will find that the top of the societal pyramid and other closely related families and individuals, not only still possess the largest share of actual, physical wealth, they also hold far less of a genetic difference from the world capstone and its first few steps than the genealogy that has been in power for many hundreds of years and more.

Today’s media, aka, the handful of conglomerates dictating 90% of what America’s radio and TV audience hears, also mostly owned and controlled by the same general group of families and friends, has been carefully conducting its business as if these age-old ruling family bloodlines somehow no longer possess most of the gold and the resulting power. As if it and they all just disappeared into thin air, once the people of the West started demanding a more “democratic” form of government a few hundred years ago.

You didn’t actually think they had nothing to do with the very founding and structure of modern, Western media and its largest and oldest news corporations (Hollywood), did you?

Just because we didn’t hear much from the Illuminati and the hidden agents of change that represent the overarching power structure in question, in between the time George Washington wrote a letter about them in 1798 to his friend, until their symbolism began to be noticed more and more in today’s pop and Hip Hop music cultures, doesn’t mean the idea of their existence is now just a mere conspiracy “theory” or that they too just disappeared during the industrial era. Having that much money, power and influence throughout the ages allows an elitist establishment to continue manipulating societies, public laws and their centuries-old puppet media, in ways that attempts to guarantee it remains that way, for as long as possible, as quietly as possible.

You weren’t actually under the impression these family bloodlines or their secret agents of change just disappeared, after being directly involved in both the industrial revolution and information ages, mostly for their own specific self-interests, were you?

In 1913’s “The New Freedom,” section 1, “The Old Order Changeth,” page 13, President Woodrow Wilson wrote:
“Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men's views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.

They know that America is not a place of which it can be said, as it used to be, that a man may choose his own calling and pursue it just as far as his abilities enable him to pursue it; because to-day, if he enters certain fields, there are organizations which will use means against him that will prevent his building up a business which they do not want to have built up; organizations that will see to it that the ground is cut from under him and the markets shut against him. For if he begins to sell to certain retail dealers, to any retail dealers, the monopoly will refuse to sell to those dealers, and those dealers, afraid, will not buy the new man's wares.”

Pre-determined solutions to manufactured issues are accomplished by either having very few degrees of separation between themselves and society’s most important underlying circumstances, whatever those may end up being, or are the very reasons for both the challenges that societies face and the solutions ultimately decided on, to begin with. The latter being the most sought after, because the best way to take advantage of a situation is by being in control of it from the beginning, which may include the manufacturing of the very problem or challenge itself. This often includes situations on a worldwide scale, such as world wars, famine and disease.

In many cases, especially with regard to matters of utmost importance to the elites and the perpetuation of the vast wealth (oldest-money) and power their families have attained throughout the millennium, the manufacturing of the problem is just as important as the implementation of a solution has ever been. This is partly how the elites, with some bloodlines stretching back thousands of years, continue to remain the most successful, wealthy and powerful.

Terms most commonly used to describe the phenomenon of rule through purposefully planned and forced societal manipulation, and/or simply taking advantage of the changes, to attempt garnering results favoring (themselves) the elites, both economically and geopolitically, are “problem – reaction – solution,” a form of “Hegelian dialectics,” or “order out of chaos.”

Politicians can often be heard making references to these ideas by revealing the need to "never let a good crisis go to waste," in order to most successfully push their specific and collective political agendas. Typically accomplished when the public is most vulnerable and impressionable, such as attempted sweeping gun control legislation after the “official” Sandy Hook elementary school shooting drill, sold by the elite’s media as a mere random act of violence that needs special attention, in order to allegedly prevent the unpreventable, in the future. (Problem-Reaction-Solution)

The average person would be shocked to realize just how much of their lives is currently being manipulated and controlled, both physically and psychologically. Effecting even some of the most successful in the fields of health and psychology, as a few of many examples, many without ever having any knowledge of it.

Sometimes however those societal shifts and rule changes can be forced as a result of the people and/or actually benefit the people instead, as in times of revolution, or due to random acts of nature. It is in those particular fragments of history where, due to the often unforeseeable circumstances that can arise whenever major societal changes are taking place, the everyday citizen has a greater opportunity to capitalize, outside of the sphere of globalist influence.


The internet itself, although originally designed and rolled out as another elite tool for mass societal tracking, control and manipulation, now being sold as a necessity to “keep you safe” (problem-reaction-solution), despite being originally billed as existing because of another random act of human events, has been in part an example of how an agenda can also backfire, with the rise of the alternative media and just how much of the (hidden) elite’s agenda the alternative media and citizen journalism has been able to expose. Something the Illuminati and their globalist (fake “progressive” and “Neocon”) minions, on both sides of the political isle and from almost every related industry, are desperately trying to find ways to curtail. In part through falsehoods like the need for greater “cyber security” and by intimidating whistle-blowers and those recording the police.

The agenda to get everyone connected to the internet, as an example, for not only the money they make but for easier access to the information it provides the elites and their institutions that use it (IBM, Microsoft, Google, etc.), has ultimately allowed the once tightly controlled flow of extremely sensitive information, especially about the very families controlling it all and the operations they use to continue, to slip through the cracks and allow the people at large to begin seeing beyond the man behind the curtain.

Within the paradigm of how the internet has backfired in some ways on the real powers-that-be and their media, such as Ron Paul having a real shot at winning the Republican nomination, or WikiLeaks having the ability to expose war crimes on a massive scale, or the latest decades-long IRS/NSA/Verizon/Google/Facebook spying and intimidation operation that’s now gone viral… Now that the facts are slowly starting to reach critical mass, the United States has also seen a major shift in the way marijuana is being considered, now beginning to be seen by a rapidly growing portion of the population as both highly medicinal and relatively socially safe as well.

Especially in comparison to the other institutional consumables the Illuminati and their friends and puppets control, such as alcohol, cigarettes and pharmaceutical drugs, which have already caused human harm at epidemic levels and will likely be seen historically as one of the leading causes of illness and death in the whole of human history, in the not-so-distant future… If a free humanity and internet are somehow able to see their ways through to fruition, that is. It’s relatively safe to assume it wasn’t going to be (Illuminati families) the owners of big-pharma and the sick industry they create, or their puppet “mainstream” media that would be breaking this news, or making a big deal out of it, any time soon.

The internet, on the contrary, has allowed the alternative media to put the news into a more historic and currently accurate perspective for the public, resulting in situations like people in general becoming educated as to who was behind marijuana’s prohibition in the early 1900s to begin with and why, the lies that were initially and are still largely told to manipulate the public about the circumstances and also how to become empowered and, even more importantly, motivated to do something about it. In the same way Libertarians and other concerned citizens educated each other about how to use the Republican elections process to attempt getting Ron Paul elected, the internet has allowed the public to become educated about the real value of hemp and marijuana and are beginning to do something about it as well.

And now, because the cat is outta the bag for so many of America’s young politicians and voters, even if they aren’t yet totally aware of the actual overarching world power structure, because they’ve started to have a real effect, evidenced through states like Colorado and Washington recently outright legalizing the limited adult possession of marijuana, the elite’s puppet-media is now even referring to the circumstances as an unstoppable groundswell of support for, what is likely to be, eventual national marijuana decriminalization.

This, among other problems the internet is causing the elites, is leaving a vacuum of opportunity in an emerging new market that now seems to be wide open for free-market capitalism, in a “democratically-free” society, to take its natural course… At least, that’s what they’d like you to believe, in the home of the (formerly) free.


While having the admitted ability to use Google and the internet as tools for predicting mass movements, with accuracy ranges into the upper 90th percentile, for the globalist elites (such as Bill Gates and company) that seem to have taken over world eugenics operations for the waning Rockefeller Foundation and closely related families, along with their friends, the IBMs, the Microsofts and various “social networking” sites (hundreds of millions use every day), the writing must have been on the wall.

So in order to attempt remaining in overall control of how and where the plant and its flowers will be used and, just as importantly, who gets to profit from its mass consumption, in order to attempt preventing the so-called drug from being completely taken over by mom-and-pop-shops and random individuals around the country, as it continues to become more legalized, one particular connected family bloodline already seems to magically be in the extraordinarily coincidental position of being able to capitalize on this particular and rare, people-friendly shift in cultural values and laws (problem-reaction-solution).

In the same way the elites have been running the game for hundreds of years, just more transparently and being more clearly understood by a larger swath of a more connected and internet de/re-educated citizenry than ever before, an attempt to self-expose a multi-generational, elite family drug operation to the public, in order to remain in control, was made late last year on a local News affiliate in Washington.

With news corporations and local affiliates predictably continuing to act as if reality is just a conspiracy theory and as if this is all just another random happening of events, being seized upon by a savvy and opportunistic businessman, a plan that would seem to have been in the works for quite some time was launched by certain connected individuals and only days after last November’s elections witnessed multiple states legalize pot for private, consensual, adult use… With many more likely on the way.

Just in case anyone is still under the impression the everyday individual would be able to capitalize on such golden economic and political opportunities, like those currently presenting themselves with marijuana and other natural substances beginning their long-awaited journey back to being rediscovered as medicinally and socially safer alternatives to substances pushed by big-pharma, big-alcohol, big-tobacco and other elite-owned corporations (thus their “politically” (establishment)-correct media), the way in which the elites operate and the tactics used to attempt maintaining the wealth and power they've held for centuries has become more evident and the stakes couldn’t be higher than at any point in human history.

Now that the century-long stigma of elite-propagandized and puppet-government “lobbied” marijuana prohibition is finally beginning to wear off and the elites and their cronies in government are beginning to lose the ability to profit from its black-market value in the US (both in the sale of its imports and via the imprisonment of the people who deal and consume it, into their elite-owned, private prison industry (problem-reaction-solution)), former Microsoft executive, Jamen Shively, who also just so happens to be the great grandson of Diego Pellicer, the world’s largest 19th Century supplier of hemp and cannabis (to entities such as the Spanish Armada, the East India Company line of “corporations” and thus the world), has been forced to come right out and publicly admit to already being “big marijuana,” so as to stake his claim as the rightful heir to the centuries-old family drug trade of growers and producers of “fine” quality hemp and marijuana products.

Naming the company after his great-grandfather, Shively alerted the public that as marijuana continues to become less and less politically incorrect over the next few years and accepted as normal on a more widespread basis, he and his globalist friends and partners will eventually be turning what is now a trillion-dollar (elite-ruled) intelligence operation of black-market drug trading and Wall Street money laundering, into a trillion-dollar, world-wide, publicly-traded marijuana manufacturing corporation for the masses.

While the media pretends to be playing hardball with the friends and confidants of the very people involved in the so-called war on “drugs” as it stands today, what seems to be shaping up as the new age of (digital) enlightenment, thanks to what is still the overall free-flow of information on the internet, has forced the ruling elites and their Illuminati bloodline families to bring their world-wide drug trading ring, at least the marijuana side of it, right out into the open and jump right into the deep end, before the public at large and the everyday individual becomes the temporary majority shareholder of how marijuana is bought and sold in the US, and beyond.

With Shively’s Diego Pellicer running the large-scale, brick-and-mortar sales operations, with the public already being conditioned to see them as the upcoming “Starbucks of pot”, with a shop on every corner, and the former Mexican President, Vicente Fox, eventually running the growing operations for what is shaping up to be the “new” international hemp and marijuana trade, their media will have to arbitrarily ease the public into a transition period, if they want to continue remaining inconspicuous. From pretending that marijuana is one of the banes of society and still illegal under federal law, to what will likely be the largest (legal) marijuana operation in the world, they will thus likely be able to largely keep one of the most important commodities in the history of mankind in the hands of a group of elites, corporations and intelligence agencies that have been largely running the same general operation the entire time. (Problem-reaction-solution.)


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